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    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.
    Tags are words or phrases that you can assign to items to help you organize and remember them. You share your tags with the community, enabling you to see the tags assigned to items by other users. In addition, tags you assign to items will also be available to the community. You can assign as many tags to an item as you like.
    Tags assigned to an item can be displayed as one of the following:
    • Cloud – An alphabetic list of tags where the size of the text reflects the popularity of the tag, that is, the number of items you or the community have assigned to this tag.
    • List – A list of the tags arranged in order of popularity, so that the most popular tag appears at the top of the list. The number of items that have been assigned this tag appears in parentheses to the right of the tag.
    Click a tag to search for all items that have been assigned the tag. Using the Tagging panel, you can:
    • View all tags assigned to this item
    • Assign and remove tags for this item
    • Search for all items that have been assigned one of this item's tags

    How Do I Tag?

    The tags you see are listed in order of popularity, with the most popular tag at the top of the list. You can see all the tags you are using, as well as everyone else's tags for this item.
    When you assign a tag, keep in mind the following question, "What tags or words will help me remember this page a few months from now?" This is a good starting point for assigning tags. You do not have to rely on the designer of a system to provide you with an appropriate category. You make up tags as you need them, and use the tags that make the most sense to you.
    Do not delete existing tags from the Add or delete tags for this item area unless you want to remove them from this item.
    You can do the following:
    • Assign an existing tag to the current item. Select the box next to the tag you want to assign to the item or type the tag name into the Add or delete tags for this item area. You can check as many tags as you want. If you are typing the tag names into the Add or delete tags for this item area, type a comma between each tag name.
    • Assign a new tag to the current item. Type the name of the new tag in the Add or delete tags for this item area.
      Tags must not exceed 35 characters and can contain only letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores, and apostrophes.
    • Remove your tag from the current item. Delete the tag in the Add or delete tags for this item area or uncheck the tag in the list of tags.

    How Do I Search for a Tag?

    A list of tags is available in the Tags page, where they are arranged according to how recently they were assigned and their popularity. The most popular tag list can also be viewed as a cloud.
    You can search for additional tags that do not appear on the Tags page by typing a search string in the Search for Tag area and then clicking GO.
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