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    Using Find Databases

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.
    The Find Databases option enables you to search for specific remote databases and include these databases in Primo searches.
    To display the Find Databases lightbox, click the Find Databases link, which appears at the top of each page and to the right of the Search Scope drop-down list on the Advanced Search page.
    Find Database Lightbox
    From this lightbox, you can perform the following actions:
    In addition, you can click the Go to Search button that appears at the bottom of the All Databases and Databases results tabs to use the currently selected databases to perform a searches.

    Searching for Databases

    The All Databases tab displays all of the databases to which your institution has subscribed. If you would like to search for specific databases, fill in the relevant fields on the upper section of the lightbox and then click the Find Databases button. To display the results, click the Databases Results tab.
    If you want to clear all selections and start a new search for databases, select the Clear Selection button.

    Selecting Databases

    You can select databases from either the All Databases tab or the Databases Results tab (if you have performed a search). Databases that are marked as restricted cannot be searched, but can be linked to directly.
    Because some of the restrictions are due to authorization, it is recommended that you sign in.
    To select databases, select the check box next to each database that you want to include in Primo searches. As you select a database, it is added to the Current Selection set on the My Databases tab. You can either leave these selections in the current set, add them to an existing set, or add them to a new set.
    After you have completed your selections, click the Go to Search button to exit the lightbox. To search one of your sets, you will need to select the set from the search scope drop-down field next to the the Search box.

    Viewing Database Search Results

    The Databases Results tab contains a list of all the databases that match the criteria you specified in the database search (see Searching for Databases)

    Using the My Databases Tab

    The My Databases tab displays a list of all the databases that you have selected from either the All Databases tab or the Databases Results tab. It may also include any sets that you have created. From the My Databases tab, you can create sets, add databases to sets, add notes to sets, and view currently selected databases.
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