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    Using the Brief Results

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For information on how to configure the Brief Results in Primo VE, see Configuring the Brief Results Page for Primo VE.

    The Brief results display all the items that match your search query. For each item, the following information displays:

    • Resource Type – the format of the item, such as book, article, journal, and so forth.
    • Title – Depending on your institution’s configuration, clicking the title displays either the item’s information or the online resource.
    • Author, creator, and date – the item’s author, creator, and publication date
    • Star icon – click the Star icon next to the title to add or remove the item from your basket. A highlighted star indicates that you have already added it to your basket.
    Brief Results

    Brief Results Tabs

    If you would like to see more information on an item, you can select the following tabs:
    • View Online – This tab displays items that are available for online viewing. If the item has multiple entries, click an entry to display the item on a new page.
      View Online Tab
    • Request – This tab allows you to request physical items (such as books and audio CDs) from your institution. Depending on your institution, you may be able to request these items directly from Primo. Otherwise, this tab will link you to your institution to perform requests.
      You may have to sign in to Primo or your institution to make a request.
    • Locations – This tab lists all of the locations that hold this item. To get more information on a location, click the location's link. Click the Plus icon to reveal an institution's locations.
      Select Plus Icon to Reveal Locations for Institution
    • Details – This tab displays the item’s full record and additional links.
      Example Details Tab
    • Reviews & Tags – This tab enables you to add, delete, and update reviews and tags for an item.
      Example Review and Tags Tab
    • Recommendations – This tab displays additional items, which are based on searches that were performed by users that have also viewed this item.
    • More – This tab displays additional links, such as provided by the SFX link resolver.
      Example More Tab

    Personalizing Search Results

    The Personalize your results area displays on the Brief Results page when the user’s search contains at least one result from the Central Index. It allows users to see a brief list of the preferences that will be applied to each search that includes the Central Index. For information on setting preferences, see Setting Personalized Ranking Preferences.


    Personalize Your Results Area in Results

    Guests and users who have not signed in must set their preferences each session.

    An ellipsis below the list of preferences indicates that the user has selected more preferences than are visible:


    Additional Personalization Preferences

    When searches are performed with any personalize ranking preference selected, the Personalized button will appear above the search results. You can click this button to remove the personalized ranking for individual searches:


    Personalized Ranking Button

    Users can see which options have been selected by hovering the cursor over the button:


    Viewing Selected Personalized Ranking Options

    Although the user will see the Personalized filter for all searches when any personalized ranking options are selected, it applies only to the Central Index's results and will not affect results found in Primo, remote searches (MetaLib), EBSCO, and WorldCat.

    Setting Personalized Ranking Preferences

    The Personalize Your Results dialog box allows users to set their preferences, which are retained between sessions for signed-in users.


    Personalize Your Results Dialog Box

    The list of disciplines are defined by the Central Index, but they can be translated locally using a code table in the Back Office. For more information, see Configuring Personalized Ranking in the Back Office.

    To configure personalized settings in the Front End:
    1. Click Edit in the Personalize your results area to open the Personalize your results dialog box.


      Personalize Your Results Dialog Box
    2. In the Personalize your results dialog, select up to five disciplines in the Preferred discipline field.


      Selecting Disciplines
    3. Select the Prefer new material option if you want to rank newer material higher in your results.


      Newer Material Option
    4. Click OK.

      For guests and unsigned users, these settings are retained for the session only.

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