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    Demonstration Data in the Back Office

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.
    Primo installation includes predefined data that can be used for testing the system. This includes the following elements:
    • Primo institution – All of the predefined data elements belong to this institution.
    • Pipes – There are out-of-the-box pipes for several different types of data sources (for example, Aleph, SFX, MetaLib, DigiTool). These are ready-to-use pipes that are configured to use demonstration data that is part of every installation.
    • Data sources – These are predefined data sources that are used by the out-of-the-box pipes.
    • View – Every Primo installation includes a default view that can be copied to create new views. The default view belongs to the Primo institution.
    • Scope Value – A Primo institution search scope and restricted search scope values are pre-defined to be used by the pipes that load the demo data.
    • Staff Users – Every installation has two predefined users: Admin and ExlibrisSupport. The ExlibrisSupport user is intended to be used by Ex Libris support staff only. Ex Libris will not be responsible for any changes that you make using the ExlibrisSupport user. You can change the password or delete either of these users. However, Ex Libris requires the ExlibrisSupport user to provide support.
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