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    Creating a Permalink for a Record

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.

    The Permalink action in the Actions drop-down list (which was previously named Send to) in the search results and the e-Shelf/My Favorites allows end users to copy simplified deep links to individual records in their search results and e-Shelf/My Favorites.


    Permalink Action in Actions Drop-Down List (Classic UI)


    Permalink Action in Actions Drop-Down List (New UI)
    This action opens the Permalink dialog box, which displays a simplified static URL to the record. The user may select the URL and then copy and paste it to wherever it is needed.
    • Classic UI:

      Permalink URL in Classic UI
      The system uses the following simplified format to create the permalink, which is based on the deep link to the record’s full view:
      http://<Primo server+port>/<View ID>:<Search Scope Name>:<PNX record ID>
    • New UI (For more information, see Disabling Short Permalinks in the New UI.):


      Permalink URL in New UI

      The system uses the following simplified format to create the permalink, which includes the record ID and a key:

      <Primo Domain>/permalink/f/<key>/<record_ID>

    Back Office Configuration

    The following table lists the related Back Office configuration for this enhancement.
    Back Office Configurations
    Table Description
    Keeping this item Tile code table
    The following codes allow you to modify the Permalink label that appears in the Permalink URL dialog box, the name of the Permalink option that appears in the Actions drop-down list, and the tool-tip, respectively:
    • default.fulldisplay.label.permalink: Permalink

    • Permalink

    • default.fulldisplay.command.permalink: Permalink

    • Permalink

    • default.popup.permalink.url: URL:

    New UI only:

    • default.nui.permalink.message.success: Permalink URL was copied

    • default.nui.permalink.button: Copy the permalink to clipboard

    • default.nui.permalink.copy.message: Press ⌘+C to copy permalink URL

    • default.nui.permalink.message.failed: Copy permalink to clipboard failed

    • default.nui.permalink.button.selecturl: Select permalink URL