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    Primo Documentation

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.
    This guide describes the documentation that is available with the latest version of Primo and explains the main purpose of each documentation component.

    Primo Guides

    The following Primo guides are available:
    • Primo Version Highlights – Describes the changes and enhancements made to Primo for the current release. This guide should be read prior to upgrading to this version of Primo. For information regarding resolved issues, see Release Notes and Videos.
    • Customer Guide to Primo Documentation (this guide) – Describes the documentation that is available for Primo, how it can be accessed, and how it should be used.
    • Primo Service Pack Installation Guide – Describes the SP Utility and the process used to include defect fixes and enhancements for Primo during the current release.
    • Primo Online End User Help – Describes how to use the main functions in the Front End user interface.
    • Primo Analytics Guide – Describes how to use the Primo Analytics user interface and create reports.
    • Primo Back Office Guide – Contains instructions on how to use the Back Office for configuring Primo’s Front End, monitoring Primo’s status, and configuring the Publishing Platform pipe flow. This guide is used during the initial and ongoing configuration of the system. It is also used for implementing advanced configuration elements.
    • Primo Technical Guide – Provides more advanced information about the Primo system, including the PNX record, the duplication detection process, FRBRization, customizing Primo’s user interface, linguistic features, and mapping to the normalization record.
    • Primo Interoperability Guide – Provides the customer with specific configuration information for the Primo system when using Primo in conjunction with other Ex Libris products. The guide contains configuration information such as user authentication, harvesting data, harvesting availability for ILS systems, linking to delivery systems, and remote search for MetaLib.
    • Primo System Administration Guide – Provides a detailed technical overview of the Primo system and its components. In addition, the guide contains instructions on how to perform system administrative tasks, including starting and stopping the system, performing system cleanup, accessing reports and log files, and managing the Primo database.

    API Documents

    The Primo open interface pages in the Ex Libris Developer Network describe the applications and commands that you can use to enhance or modify Primo’s functionality in the Back Office and the Front End.
    To access this documentation in the Ex Libris Developer Network:
    1. Enter the following URL in a browser:
    2. Log on with the user name and password that have been provided to you by Ex Libris.

    Documentation Feedback

    Ex Libris is interested in improving its documentation and welcomes your comments and suggestions. To submit comments by e-mail, please send your message to:
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