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    Configuring Display Languages for Primo

    For Primo VE environments, see Configuring Display Languages for Primo VE.

    Primo's UI supports many display languages, which are selectable from the User Menu.
    Select Display Language from User Menu in Primo
    Select Display Language from User Menu in Primo
    To configure the supported display languages:
    1. Open the Languages mapping table (Primo Home > General > Mapping Tables > Languages).

      Languages Mapping Table

      Languages Mapping Table

      The values in the Language Code and Language Name columns are read-only and cannot be edited.

    2. From the list of supported languages, select the Enable checkbox to allow users to choose that language.

      Code Language
      ca_ES Catalan - Spain
      zh_CN Simplified Chinese
      zh_TW Traditional Chinese
      cs_CZ Czech
      da_DK Danish
      en_US English
      fr_FR French
      de_DE German
      iw_IL Hebrew
      hu_HU Hungarian
      is_IS Icelandic
      ga_IE Irish
      it_IT Italian
      ja_JP Japanese
      ko_KR Korean
      ms_MY Malay
      nn_NO Nynorsk - Norway
      no_NO Bokmål - Norway
      pl_PL Polish
      ru_RU Russian
      es_CL Spanish - Chile
      es_ES Spanish - Spain
      sv_SE Swedish
      tr_TR Turkish
      uk_UK Ukrainian
      cy_GB Welsh
    3. Save your changes to the mapping table.

    4. Deploy your changes.

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