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    Troubleshooting Remote Searches and Results

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.
    This section includes the following troubleshooting information:

    Slow Searches

    If you are having performance issues:
    1. If 15 users searched Primo and their searches were slow or stuck, have 15 users search MetaLib and compare the results. This will indicate if the problem is in Primo or MetaLib.
    2. In MetaLib, check the value of no_fetched_results. It should be 30, just like in Primo. If it is less, Primo will wait for the remaining results and possibly get stuck. To check this parameter, perform the following steps from the Metalib server:
      cd $metalib_conf
      vi www_server.conf

    QuickSets Do Not Appear in Primo

    If the MetaLib QuickSets do not appear in the Primo Views Wizard, this indicates a problem with the Primo and MetaLib connection.
    1. From to the MetaLib URL listed in the Primo Institution Wizard, copy the portion before the question mark and append /M, as follows:
    2. Log on to the MetaLib Management interface (/M).
    3. Check to see if QuickSets are defined for the institution default profile. If so, there are two possible reasons for the QuickSets not displaying in Primo: Primo cache or connection to the MetaLib X-server.
    4. To reset the Primo cache, click Reset Access Authorizations under Delivery Base URLs on the Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Institution Wizard page.
    5. If the problem still exists, check the X-service connection by logging on to the MetaLib Management interface (/M) using the MetaLib user name and password specified in MetaLib’s base URL on the Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Institution Wizard page. If this login does not work, this is the cause of the problem.
    6. If the login works, copy the session ID that appears in the URL of your browser and add it to the following URL:
      If this does not return an XML list of the Quicksets, contact MetaLib Support. The problem could be incorrect user permissions for the user whose session ID you're using, or a corrupt Quickset.

    Incorrect Availability Displays for Remote Records

    If the availability is not correct for remote records, perform the following:
    1. Make sure that RSI is enabled on the Primo Home >Advanced Configuration > General Configuration > Delivery page.
    2. Check to see that RSI index was built on the SFX server, as follows:
      1. Enter the following commands to list the log files:
        ls -ltr
      2. Verify that the rsi_build.<</span>datestamp>.log file exists and that it has been updated in the past week.
      3. If there is no rsi_build log file or it is older than a week old, enter the following command to open the Server Administration utility:
      4. Select option 15 to build a new RSI index.
      5. If you want to build RSI index once, select option 1. If you want to schedule the RSI index to be built regularly, select option 3.
    3. Search for the item in Metalib and check to see if it has an ISBN/ISSN. If not, this causes a false negative in Primo: Availability text displays "No full text" and clicking the GetIt link returns full text.
    4. Check to see whether the record in MetaLib has a full-text icon in the brief results. Certain databases display the ISBN/ISSN only for single records in the full display of the record (this is called "present single" in Metalib). Since Metalib sends the records in batches, the ISBN/ISSN doesn't get transferred to Primo. This is known to occur with DOAJ and Cleo resources.
    5. If the item in Metalib has an ISBN or ISSN, examine the fe_log in DEBUG mode to see whether the ISBN or ISSN was transferred to Primo. In the PNXs of the remote records, check to see whether the ISBN or ISSN appear. If not, contact Ex Libris Support.
    6. Check the fe_log in DEBUG mode to see whether Primo sends the institute name. Some resources are enabled per institute. If an institute is not sent by Primo, the SFX Institute field is probably blank in the Institution Wizard.

    Remote Records are not Deduped

    In MetaLib, check to see whether the duplicate records have an ISSN or ISBN. The Primo algorithm requires the same ISSN or ISBN to determine duplicate records. Because some providers do not include the ISSN or ISBN with the records, the records cannot be deduped.