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    Importing Aleph e-Shelf Records to Primo

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.
    With Primo 3.0.2 and later releases, you can use the script to import Aleph e-Shelf records into Primo.
    To import Aleph e-Shelf records to Primo:
    1. Extract the e-Shelf records from the Aleph server and place the extracted records in a folder that is accessible to the Primo Back Office server. For more information on extracting e-Shelf data, refer to the Aleph documentation (RC 3191).
    2. On the Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Data Sources page in the Primo Back Office, modify the Aleph source by entering the bibliographic library code from the Aleph export file in the Original Source Code field. Note that this original source code can be assigned only to one data source in Primo.
    3. Log on to the Primo Back Office server.
    4. Enter the following commands to open the hibernate.cfg.xml file:
      cd ieshelf
      vi hibernate.cfg.xml
    5. Modify the following lines in the file:
      <property name="hibernate.connection.url">jdbc:oracle:thin:@</property>{hostname of DB server}:{DB port}:{SID}</property>
      <property name="hibernate.connection.username"/>{oracle login}</property>
      <property name="hibernate.connection.password"/>{oracle password}</property>
      For example:
      <property name="hibernate.connection.url">jdbc:oracle:thin:@il-primo12:1521:prm2</property>
      <property name="hibernate.connection.username">P42_PRM00</property>
      <property name="hibernate.connection.password">P42_PRM00</property>
    6. Save the changes to the file.
    7. Enter the following command to open the file:
    8. Add the full path of the Aleph source file to the source_path parameter. If the parameter does not exist, you will need to add it to the file.
    9. Save the changes to the file.
    10. Enter the following commands to open the file:
    11. Change the following text:
    12. Save the changes to the file.
    13. Enter the following command to import the e-Shelf records: &