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    Adding Locale-Specific Elements - Classic UI Only

    This page is specific to Primo's classic UI. For customization information that is specific to the new Primo UI and Primo VE, see the following documents, respectively:

    In addition to modifying the styles of your default view, you can provide different styles for each locale that you support.
    To add a locale-specific element:
    1. Edit the CSS file that you use for your view.
    2. Add the element that you want to customize to your file. Make sure that you prefix the element with the following information:
      For example, if you want to change the color of the second-level headings in the results to red for the French language, enter the following:
      body.EXLCurrentLang_fr_FR EXLResultsList h2 {color:red}
    3. Save the changes to your CSS file.