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    Accessing Primo Logs

    Pipe Logs

    Errors can be viewed in the Back Office user interface. If there are no errors in the Back Office user interface, but the pipe stopped in the middle of a pipe run, you need to check the log file for the pipe on the server.
    Enter the following commands to view a pipe's log files:
    cd CUSTOMER/<pipe_name>/<source_name>/<pipe_date>/log/
    Some common errors found in the pipe logs are:
    • No valid files found in source directory—This can occur when Date to harvest from is later than the date of the file.
    • Failed while trying to split records—Indicates a problem with your source files.
    The log file includes the following information:
    • Timestamp
    • Type of message, which can be one of the following:
      • FATAL—The pipe failed.
      • ERROR—A record failed during processing.
      • WARN—A non-critical error occurred.
      • INFO—Information messages.
      • DEBUG—Debug messages generated only during debugging of the application.
    • Thread name—Indicates the pipe task and bulk being processed.
    • Log message
    The following is a sample section of a pipe log file:
    08-08-2006 12:45:23,504 INFO [DirectoryTreeBuilder] () - Building directory tree. The production path is /exlibris/primo/p1_1/ng/primo/primo_...08-08@12.45.17
    08-08-2006 12:45:23,530 INFO [DirectoryTreeBuilder] () - Loading bulk data into the database.
    08-08-2006 12:45:23,574 INFO [DirectoryTreeBuilder] () - Execution of com.exlibris.publish.engine.harvest.DirectoryTreeBuilder took 89
    08-08-2006 12:45:23,584 INFO [DirectoryTreeBuilder] () - Token messaged consumed.
    08-08-2006 12:45:23,585 INFO [DirectoryTreeBuilder] () - Loading token to resume execution.
    08-08-2006 12:45:23,591 INFO [DirectoryTreeBuilder] () - Resuming token
    08-08-2006 12:45:23,616 INFO [DirectoryTreeBuilder] () - Finished processing thread
    08-08-2006 12:45:28,114 INFO [OAISplitter] () - Saving bulk. bulk Id=0 deleted=false
    08-08-2006 12:45:29,382 INFO [OAISplitter] () - Loading bulk data into the database.
    08-08-2006 12:45:33,150 INFO [OAISplitter] () - Saving bulk. bulk Id=1 deleted=false
    08-08-2006 12:45:34,241 INFO [OAISplitter] () - Loading bulk data into the database.

    Tomcat-Related Logs

    The Tomcat-related log files can be accessed by entering the following aliases on the server:
    • be_log The /exlibris/primo/p<v>_<c>/ng/primo/home/profile/publish/publish/production/log directory holds the publish_server.log files.
    • fe_logThe /exlibris/primo/p<v>_<c>/ng/primo/home/profile/search/log directory holds the library_server.log and localhost_access_log.log files.
    • se_logThe /exlibris/primo/p<v>_<c>/ng/jaguar/home/profile/log directory holds the agent_9501.log files.


    The localhost_access_log.<date>.log is an HTTP access log. It lists all HTTP requests with a GET/POST listing. This log file is similar to the Apache HTTPD server access log.
    The following is an example of the contents of a log file: - - [22/Mar/2015:14:59:46 +0200] "GET /primo_library/libweb/webservices/rest/v1/pnxs/PC/TN_gale_ofa324979896?inst=PC HTTP/1.1" 200 53 22905 - - - - [22/Mar/2015:14:59:46 +0200] "GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1" 200 748 83 - - -
    To access the search logs on the server:
    Enter the following command to move to the search/log directory:

    library_server.log, publish_server.log, and agent_9501.log

    The library_server.log, publish_server.log , and agent_9501.log files are the main log files for Tomcat activity. Primo modules that run under Tomcat write information to this log file.
    Each time the server is restarted, a timestamp is added. Your log directory might appear as follows:
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 prm exlibris 174985 Dec 29 23:57 library_server.log.2005-12-29
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 prm exlibris 17546674 Dec 30 23:57 library_server.log.2005-12-30
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 prm exlibris 281074 Dec 31 23:57 library_server.log.2005-12-31
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 prm exlibris 5698992 Jan 1 11:09 library_server.log.0101.1050
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 prm exlibris 36822 Jan 1 10:51 library_server.log.0101.1100
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 prm exlibris 36822 Jan 1 11:01 library_server.log.0101.1108
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 prm exlibris 142407 Jan 1 14:25 library_server.log
    From this example, it is clear that the server was up from the 29/12 - 31/12 (rolled over). On 01/01, the server was restarted at 10:50, 11:00, and 11:08.
    The library_server.log file is the current active log file. Using the following command can be useful when debugging the server.
    tail -f library_server.log
    For example:
    2005-11-06 19:10:17,988 INFO [com.exlibris.Primo. delivery.DeliverySessionsMng] Cleaning old delivery session - 1131296885128.
    2005-11-06 19:15:32,941 INFO [ IndexFileSynchronizerJob] found 8 items to index
    2005-11-06 19:15:33,425 INFO [com.exlibris. Primo.] Indexing DIGITAL ENTITY:4530 at 484ms
    2005-11-06 19:08:49,128 ERROR [com.exlibris. Primo .delivery.DefaultAccessRightsChecker] Fail to parse access right metadata. Exception: error: The element type "xb:access_right_md" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "". Cause:
    org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The element type "xb:access_right_md" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "".

    Watchdog Logs

    The watchdog.log file enables you to keep track of all watchdog activity and the status of all monitored components.
    To view the log file:
    1. Enter the following command to move to the /exlibris/primo/p4_1/ng/jaguar/home/profile/log directory:
    2. Enter the following command to view the log file:
      vi watchdog.log
      For example:
      2008-08-29 09:29:04,765 INFO [t-Thread-0] [c-Monitorer] - Loading of xml completed
      2008-08-29 09:29:07,761 INFO [t-Thread-0] [c-Monitorer] - Schedular started, adding processes
      2008-08-29 09:29:07,761 INFO [t-Thread-0] [c-Monitorer] - process 1, named Database has been scheduled to run every 10 seconds
      2008-08-29 09:29:07,761 INFO [t-Thread-0] [c-Monitorer] - process 2, named Back End has been scheduled to run every 10 seconds
      2008-08-29 09:29:07,761 INFO [t-Thread-0] [c-Monitorer] - process 3, named PDS has been scheduled to run every 60 seconds
      2008-08-29 09:29:07,761 INFO [t-Thread-0] [c-Monitorer] - process 4, named Front End has been scheduled to run every 10 seconds
      2008-08-29 09:29:07,761 INFO [t-Thread-0] [c-Monitorer] - reset watchdog configuration
      2008-08-29 09:29:08,790 INFO [t-DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-1] [c- MonitorSchedularJob] - be.Back End retruned status: 'OK'
      2008-08-29 09:29:08,837 INFO [t-DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-0] [c- MonitorSchedularJob] - be.Database retruned status: 'OK'
      2008-08-29 09:29:09,773 INFO [t-DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-2] [c- MonitorSchedularJob] - be.PDS retruned status: 'NOT OK'
      2008-08-29 09:29:15,645 INFO [t-DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-0] [c-EmailNotifier] - Sending failure email notification to