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    Hiding/Showing the Tabs on the Results Page

    The most prominent feature in Primo v3 is the use of quick-browsing tabs, which display under each search result record, as shown in the following figure:
    Brief Results - All Tabs Displayed

    Hiding All Tabs in the Brief Results

    If you want to hide all of the tabs from your users, update the CSS, as follows:
    .EXLResultsList tr.EXLResult td div.EXLTabsRibbonClosed {display:none;}
    The result of this code displays as follows:
    Brief Results - All Tabs Hidden

    Hiding a Specific Tab in the Brief Results

    If you want to hide a particular tab, such as the Reviews tab to prevent users from adding tags or reviews, you can use FireBug to determine the class name of the tab and add the following simple CSS line to your styles:
    .EXLResult .EXLReviewsTab {display:none;}
    The CSS class for the Reviews tab is EXLReviewsTab.
    The resulting view displays as follows, omitting the Reviews tab from the Brief Results page:
    Hiding Tabs in Brief Results

    Enabling the Mouse-Over Option in the Brief Results

    If you want to keep the interface feeling light and allow users to access all of the tabs, you can display the tab links only when users place the cursor over a result. To enable this option, add the following code to your styles:
    .EXLResultsList tr.EXLResult td div.EXLTabsRibbonClosed li.EXLResultTab a{color:#FFFFFF;}
    .EXLResultsList tr:hover.EXLResult td div.EXLTabsRibbonClosed li.EXLResultTab a{color:#0075b0; }
    The resulting view displays as follows:
    Mouse-Over Function in Brief Results
    Because the mouse-over CSS function does not work in IE6, either you will need to provide a JavaScript workaround for IE6, or IE6 users will need to click on the title to access the tabs from the Full Result display.