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    Configuring the Title and Thumbnail Links

    The thumbnail and title for each record link to the full display of the record (which is provided by the Details tab). They can be configured as follows:
    • Link to any tab, not just the Details tab
    • Link to the online resource
    To configure these options:
    1. In the Views Wizard (Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Views Wizard), select an institution and then click Edit next to the view you want to update.
      The Edit View Attrtibutes page displays.
    2. Click Save & Continue to access the Search Scopes List page.
    3. Click Continue to access the Tiles Configuration page.
    4. Select Brief Display from the Page drop-down list.
    5. Click Edit Tile next to the Brief Results tile.
      Brief Results Tile in Views Wizard
    6. Choose an option from the Define link from title area:
      Define Link from Title
    Shown is the default setting, which is also the default behavior for Primo v2 and later releases.