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    Hiding Languages from the Language Selection List

    At the installation and institution levels, the Languages mapping table in the Back Office allows you to define which languages appear in the Languages drop-down list in the Front End UI. Languages can be further hidden according to the needs of a particular view by modifying the view's CSS. To hide a language from the Languages drop-down list, use the following format, where <add locale here> is replaced with any locale (such as en_US, ko_KR, zh_CN, ta_IN, de_DE, and so forth):
    .EXLLanguageOptionLANG<add locale here> {display:none;}
    There is no space between .EXLLanguageOptionLANG and the locale.
    For example, to hide the Welsh language from the selection list in the Front End, add the following line to the view's CSS file:
    .EXLLanguageOptionLANGcy_GB {display:none;}