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    Primo VE 2022 Known Issues

    The following table lists the known issues for new features in the Primo VE 2022 release.
    Category Issue Release

    Multi-lingual configuration

    Some subjects partially matching other non-related subject fields in the bib record are causing certain multilingual headings not to appear.

    Currently, there is no plan to resolve this issue.

    November 2022

    Advanced Search (Accessibility)PRM-46574

    Publication Date-Specific Date-Month value is read twice by screen-reader.

    May 2022

    Opt-In Full Text Search (Accessibility)PRM-46573

    Cannot turn slider on/off using Enter key while screen-reader is on.

    May 2022

    Report a Problem (Accessibility)PRM-46478

    Cannot use Shift+Tab key when cursor is focused on the last button.

    May 2022

    Report a Problem (Accessibility)PRM-46477

    Cannot navigate using arrow keys (JAWS only). Note that categories can be navigated using the Tab key.

    May 2022

    CSL PRM-46002

    The APA 7th style is not generating the first initial of the first author's name.

    This issue has been resolved with a fix provided in the latest CSL third-party upgrade. However, the upgrade's release is pending since our testing of the upgrade has found other issues. As soon as these other issues are resolved, we will release the latest CSL third-party upgrade.

    February 2022

    My Favorites

    The coverage information for saved records displays only in the original language used for the search.

    Currently, there is no plan to resolve this issue.

    February 2022

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