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    Primo August 2016 Known Issues

    The following table lists the known issues for the new UI in the Primo August 2016 release.
    Category Issue
    New UI fails to open when any of the tiles is not configured
    If any of the views tiles is not configured, the new UI will either not open or a specific tab will freeze. To resolve this issue:
    • Edit your view.
    • For each page on the Tile Configuration (Home Page, Full Display, and Brief Display) edit and save every tile.
    • Deploy the view.
    If the problem persists, please contact support.
    IE 11 - performance
    With IE11, we are still facing performance issues with the following:
    • Full Display page
    • Usage of multiple facets
    • Switching between tabs in My Library Card
    Getit for Aleph/Voyager consortia
    Partial patron message displayed when patrons requested items from an institution other than their own.
    Locations for Aleph and Voyager
    Priority sort is not updated by RTA.
    Authentication - New UI with SAML
    The Full Display search box does not contain the search string after signing in using SAML.
    Authentication - Cascade login is not yet supported
    Authentication - Silent login is not yet supported
    Deep links
    Force Login deep links are not supported, yet. The force login option allows you to have a deep link to the login page that redirects to Search/My Favorites.
    Authors display
    Change in the design for a long list of authors.
    • Advanced search is not displayed
    • Labels section is not displayed
    • Rendering display issues when rotating the device
    • IOS and dual login – user fails to login after a search was performed
    • Missing PDS “remember me” option
    • Does not work with Chrome on IOS
    Personal details display on the Mac
    When there are more than four rows on the My Library Card > Personal Details page, some of the details are cut.
    My Library Card – Request’s alerts not yet supported
    Missing functionality “Open in new Tab”
    EMAIL_OVERRIDE setting deploy
    Changing the EMAIL_OVERRIDE parameter in authentication configuration requires you to deploy the view.
    Special characters in author names appear incorrectly in bX items.
    Advanced Search
    Specific date ranges are not supported, yet.
    Copy citation
    Copy citation to clipboard does not copy italics text.
    Browser back button
    The browser's back button does not work after opening the Full Display page from the My Favorites page.
    SSL certificate for host names on own domain For customers who are using a host name on their own domain, open a case to create an SSL certificate for your host name.
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