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    Primo 2021 Known Issues

    The following table lists the known issues for new features in the Primo 2021 release.
    Category Issue Release

    New PaginationPRM-45273

    When the bulk size is set to 50, it can lead to Limited results found message.

    May 2021


    Header title is not including the correct search query when terms include a period (such as U.S.A.) or when a search term has a translation.

    May 2021

    New PaginationPRM-44955

    Shared session storage does not work as expected between new tabs.

    May 2021

    New PaginationPRM-45129

    In the record's full view, the previous arrow does not appear for the first record of additional bulks.

    May 2021

    New PaginationPRM-45211

    When moving between bulks using the "Next Record" button in a record's full view and closing the full view, a new bulk is concatenated to the existing results instead of being presented on a new page.

    May 2021


    Following the upgrade to Angular 1.1.26, keyboard access to the recent search scopes filter was limited and can be accessed using only a mouse.

    February 2021

    New PaginationPRM-44924

    Page numbers and Back to previous page buttons in the Citation Trail area are not clickable.

    May 2021 - FIXED

    New PaginationPRM-45212

    Citation Trail – After moving to a new results page and selecting a record, the record's full view is empty.

    May 2021 - FIXED

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