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    Registering Institutions for Primo Central Index

    To allow MetaLib and Primo institutions to search PCI e-resources, you must first register each institution.
    • For customers with multiple institutions, you can use either the PC registration system or My Profile to register additional institutions after you have registered at least one institution for PCI.
    • If you have already registered an institution to use PCI within MetaLib, you can use the My Profile option provided with MetaLib to register the Primo client.
      For more information, see My Profile
    • For consortia, you can define a Central Office institution that allows you to activate resources that are shared among all of the member institutions. For more information, see Consortium Activation in Primo Central.
    To activate and enable institutions to search in PCI:
    1. For the following application clients, register each institution that will use PCI:
    2. Follow the eight steps provided in the Primo Central Index Registration wizard.
      If you have already registered for an Ex Libris service, you can enter either of the following IDs on the Welcome page to shorten the registration process:
      • bX license key – Provided in the approval e-mail received after bX registration.
      • Customer Code – The same code that was used in previous registrations. Usually, this is your e-Service code. Consortial customers who do not define a Central Office institution should use the same customer code to register their member institutions.
      When the registration is complete, you will immediately receive an e-mail acknowledging your registration. After your registration request has been processed and approved (which can take up to several days), you will receive a second e-mail (see Sample Registration Approval E-Mail) that contains your Customer ID and PC Key.
      Welcome to Primo Central!
      Here are the Customer ID and PC Key for primo instance PRIMO:


      Customer ID:52f6f314b17d4817a7a7ac83739d39b3




      To use Primo Central with Primo, enter the PC Key in the Institution wizard and the Customer ID in the Installation subsystem of the General Configuration wizard in Primo's Back Office.


      To use Primo Central with MetaLib, enter the Customer ID and PC Key on the Institutional Settings page of the Management interface (/M).


      For more information on configuring MetaLib and Primo, see the Primo Central Configuration Guide.


      After you have entered the activation key for your institution, you will be able to search Primo Central collections within one business week.


      If you need further assistance, please contact your local Primo support team or submit a support incident via eService:


      We look forward to your use and comments on the Primo Central service!


      Ex Libris
      Sample Registration Approval E-Mail
    3. After you have received your activation keys in the approval e-mail that may take up to several days to receive from the Registration wizard, enter them in your client:
      After you save the keys to the institution, the Registration button will change to My Profile. For more information on updating your registration settings, see My Profile.
    4. Perform additional configurations in your client application:
    5. Repeat this procedure for each institution.
      Alternatively, you can use My Profile to register additional institutions. For more information, see My Profile.