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    Delivering and Linking to Web of Science Citations

    To support the delivery of WoS citations, changes have been made to the following tables:
    • Templates mapping table – To provide a template for WoS links, the following mapping row has been added to the table:
      Templates Mapping Table
      Code Template Code
    • Full Display Labels code table – To support the display of WoS citations in the Front End, the following codes have been added to the table:
      • default.fulldisplay.links.timesCited – When the citation service returns results, the link Times Cited: {0} from Web of Science displays in the Front End, where {0} is the number of citations returned from the service.
      • default.fulldisplay.loading – The message Loading Citations… displays when the citation service is activated.
        If the end user disables JavaScript, the Front End will display the static link Citations from Web of Science.
    • Top Level Facet code table – See Configuring Top Level Facets.