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    Collection Management

    You can create reports of the titles lent and borrowed in the RapidILL (interlibrary loan solution) database. To create the reports, select Collection Management from the Lending drop-down menu at the top of the RapidILL page.

    RapidILL - collection management.png
    Collection Management Link

    The following appears:

    Collection Management
    To create a report of titles:
    1. Select the date range that you want the report to include. Select a start date from the left calendar and end date from the right calendar.
    2. Select the button with the type of report that you want to create:
      • Titles lent – a list of all titles lent
      • Requested Titles Held Locally – a list of titles that when queried against the RapidILL database were identified as being held in your library’s RapidILL holdings file.
      • Requested Titles (Matched) – a list of titles that were queried against and matched in the RapidILL database. These requests went into the RapidILL system.
      • Requested Titles (Unmatched) – a list of titles that were queried against the RapidILL database, but did not match the holdings of any of the libraries in your pods.
      • All titles Queried – a list of every title that was queried against the RapidILL database, regardless of its outcome (matched, unmatched, held locally).
    The following is an example of a report:
    Requested Titles (Unmatched)
    The reports contain the following information for each title:
    • ISSN
    • Number of Times Requested
    • Title
    You can sort the columns by selecting the arrows in the column heading.
    The following elements are available for the report:
    • A – The total number of pages in the report. Use the arrows to move through the pages.
    • B – Search the report.
    • C – Select an export format.
    • D – Refresh the report.
    Select the ISSN of a title to see the results for that title by year. For example:
    ISSN Per Year
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