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    Lending Requests


    Will the library only receive lending requests from Alma libraries?

    Rapido will support any system that is ISO/NCIP compliant.

    How do we deliver scanned/downloaded articles to non-Rapido/non-Alma libraries?  

    Delivery of scanned or downloaded articles is shipped digitally via the ship digitally action in Rapido. 

    Will other Rapido libraries be able to identify our library's holdings in Primo?

    Rapido lenders with holdings for the item are automatically assigned based on configured pod preferences. Rapido borrowing libraries do not need to assess or explore the holdings of Rapido lenders. Once the request is created there will be a clear indication of the assigned partner.  

    Can we block certain types of material as being available for Rapido lending?

    Yes. It is possible to configure that certain types of material will not be available for lending in Rapido. Lendable materials can be configured based on a combination of material type, item policy, and location.  

    How can we configure lending policies for physical items?

    Use the Configuration > Resource Sharing > Members > Physical Items Lending Policies to edit and define various lending policies. Click on Add Participating Items to name and specify the terms for a group of items based on a combination of material type, item policy, and location. Multiple groupings of items can be added. Each group of participating items is then assigned to physical item policies to determine the acceptable terms for these items.  


    Participating Items are sets of Physical Items used for fulfilling resource sharing requests and need to be defined.  


    Is there a way to set conditions on a Rapido Lending request?

    Yes. You can use conditional messages to alert borrowers. Using this action changes the status to conditional. Responses of no will automatically reject the request, a response of yes reassigns the status of a created lending request.  

    Is there an option to decline requests?

    Yes. On an individual request basis, you can reject a request and provide a reason for analytics purposes. A rejected request will move to the next lender. You can also set yourself as a non-lender for a specific time and even ask us to reduce or set limits on your lending volumes.  

    Does a request have to be supplied in 24 hours?

    The 24 hour commitment is to either to fulfill the request or reject it so it will move on to the next lender. It is more a commitment to act quicly for the sake of the community and to prioritize lending requests from other RapidILL members. 

    When fulfilling a request, can the lending institution add a note to the patron?

    In Rapido the lender is not in direct communication with the patron. The lender can send the note as a message to the borrowing library who can then contact the patron. 

    Will a central database of addresses be maintained/updated by Rapido? 

    Libraries can update and find up-to-date information in the resource sharing directory.

    Do we retain the ability to block Libraries when needed, for example for non-payment?

    Usually you will join pods were you agree to the terms, currently our pods are no charge. The decision to which pod you subscribe to is up to you.

    How do we charge Rapido and non-Rapido libraries who borrow from our library? 

    The information is kept in analytics and from there you could send them a report.

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