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Working Copy Rapido February 2024 Release Notes

Main Features

(URM-205914) Conditional Terms of Use for Digital Requests

February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-205914

Lenders filling digital requests can now indicate whether the supplied document has terms of use.  If shipping terms of use are applied, the request requires manual handling by the borrowing staff. Terms of use can indicate requirements such as supplying the document as a physical non-returnable printout for copyright compliance. This new option enhances copyright control by enabling the lender to specify to the borrower that the document cannot be shared with the patron. As a lender, you can enable the relevant terms from Configuration > Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Shipping Terms of Use. By default, only the NONE term is enabled.

The shipping terms of use list on the document delivery form.
Shipping Terms of Use
When a term of use is selected, an alert is added to the request indicating that The request has a loan condition, and the Shipping Terms Of Use condition appears on the right pane Request information.
The loan condition alert.
Loan condition alert
The loan condition on the request information.
Request information Shipping Terms Of Use

Additional Enhancements

  • February 2024 Rapido URM-207190
    (URM-207190) Staff can now change the owning library and pickup location after a request is created. When selecting the Convert request type action, the Owner and Requested Pickup Location fields are now editable.

    If the Owner only contains one option, the field is not editable.

    When changing the Owner, the Requested Pickup Location updates accordingly.   If a value is set for the rapido_default_digital_request_owner (Configuration > Resource Sharing > General > Other Settings) parameter (empty by default), that value is added to the Requested Pickup Location. If the value of the Requested Format is changed to Digital, the Owner automatically updates to the default digital owner.
    The option to change the owner and pickup location.
    Editable Owner and Requested Pickup Location fields

    For more information, see Associating Pickup Locations with Resource Sharing Members and Converting a Borrowing Request Type.

  • February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-195923
    (URM-195923) Long addresses on the patron Library Card PERSONAL DETAILS tab are now displayed on multiple lines. 
    An example of a long address on the patron personal details tab.
    PERSONAL DETAILS - Long Address
  • February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-181532
    (URM-181532) To better manage requests, notes can now be activated or dismissed from the task list right pane.
    Activate/deactivate notes.
    Activate/dismiss notes
  • February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-159646SF: 05319596 06448628 06672584  idea exchange Idea Exchange
    (URM-159646) Rapido now handles the check in of items in temporary locations that were shipped when fulfilling a lending resource sharing request. When checked back in, the item is now restored to the temporary location where it was previously shelved. This enables libraries to ship items or fulfill resource sharing requests even if they are shelved at temporary locations.
  • February 2024 Rapido URM-196899
    (URM-196899) When enabled, the Level Of Service field can now be displayed on request forms.

    This feature is only relevant for lender-only institutions.

    The level of service options on the request form.
    Level Of Service options
    When LEVEL_OF_SERVICE_PHYSICAL or LEVEL_OF_SERVICE_DIGITAL (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Request Forms > Rapido Request Forms Customization) codes are enabled (disabled by default), the values set in the Level of Service table (Configuration > Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Levels of Service) are displayed on the request form. Additionally, library staff can select a Default Value for the Level of Service.
    Level of service codes.
    Level of Service codes

    The Level of Service information appears on the right pane in the Request information.

    The level of service on the request information.
    Request information Level of service

    For more information, see Request Forms Level of Service.

  • February 2024 Rapido URM-198725
    (URM-198725) Billing fields can be enabled or disabled on the Self Registration Form Customization. The Enable direct charge functionality must be checked on the Borrower Self Registration form (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Configuration > Borrower Self Registration) for the Enable Direct Charge Functionality section to be visible on the corresponding partners created by self registration.  on the Resource Sharing Partner form. Additionally, the field names can modified as necessary.
    Borrower self registration options.
    Self Registration options

    When a Maximum Request Cost is added to the self registration form, these fields are then populated on the user's Resource Sharing Partner (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners) details.

    The maximum request cost field on the self registration form.
    Maximum Request Cost field

    When the contact billing address is different than the contact address, users can deselect the Use contact address as billing address on the self registration form and then enter the relevant details for the billing address.

    The contact billing fields on the self registration form.
    Contact billing fields

    For more information, see Enabling Direct Charge Functionality.

  • February 2024 Rapido URM-198746
    (URM-198746) When a note is configured on the discoveryOrganizationSelfRegistrationMessage.html or discoveryIndividualSelfRegistrationMessage.html (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Request Forms > Note to Patron) files, you can now include a note to the patron on the Self Registration form for individuals or organizations.

    Multiple languages are supported for the message.

    The note to patron on the self registration form.
    Note to patron

    For more information, see Configuring Messages to Users.

  • February 2024 Rapido URM-198745
    (URM-198745) The Rapid partner is now viewable from the task lists. When rapido_show_rapid_partner (Configuration > Resource Sharing > General > Other Settings) parameter is set to true (default), the Rapid Partner field is displayed in the Request information on the right pane. Additionally, requests can be faceted using the Rapid Partner facet.

    This functionality is especially useful if more than one Rapid Partner is defined.

    The rapido partner on the request information.
    Request information Rapid Partner

    For more information, see Rapid Partner Visibility.

  • February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing URM-206639
    (URM-206639) To enable third party integrations to better support and manage requests, the Pickup Location, library Name, and library ID are now automatically transferred when sending requests to WorldShare and Tipasa as partners of last resort requests. Additionally, when Send requester information (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners > Parameters tab) is checked, other patron details such as their email address, username, first name, and last name are also included when sending the request.
    The send requester information on the resource sharing partner.
    EXPORT TO THIRD PARTY Send requester information

    For more information, see Integrating Rapido and Tipasa and Integrating Rapido and WorldShare.

Resolved Issues

  • URM-189608 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06680840 06681627
    When the print slip was sent by email, the print slip did not open even when a success message was displayed. This was fixed.
  • URM-185071 February 2024 Rapido SF: 06606878
    In some cases, the Get It section did not display the pickup list of institutions. This was fixed.
  • URM-208546 February 2024 Rapido SF: 06929751
    In some cases, when a request was assigned to a lender, but the request failed to be received, no error was generated. This was fixed.
  • URM-192103 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06681627 06684433 06708573 06730805 06731941 06762570 06847405 06947566 06956077 06965903
    In some cases, the Quick print window for the Resource Sharing Shipping Slip Letter was not displayed as expected. This was fixed.
  • URM-1796493 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06468567 06493894 06661180 06706084 06723618 06762904 06901719 06942751
    In some cases, selecting Show file on a borrowing request did not open the associated file. This was fixed.
  • URM-199005 February 2024 Rapido SF: 06822506
    In some cases, when calculating items for serial multi volumes, an error occurred when printing all items in the letters. This was fixed.
  • URM-208252 February 2024 Rapido SF: 06879314
    In some cases, when users shared the same pod, a duplicate partner was created. This was fixed.
  • URM-198647 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06696033 06773525 06853099 06869112
    In some cases, when a request was changed from digital to physical, the request status incorrectly changed to Returned item to partner. This was fixed.
  • URM-206799 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06848438
    In some cases, the lending request would display the first value from the Requested Media dropdown list rather than a blank value. This was fixed.
  • URM-206801 February 2024 Rapido SF: 06846337 06862449 06866571 06924769
    In some cases, the Display Logic Rule failed to calculate the Primo request options. This was fixed.
  • URM-193553 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06746793
    In some cases, when an item was received by the Circulation Desk, the wrong Pickup location was displayed in the right pane. This was fixed.
  • URM-190250 February 2024 Rapido SF: 006678683 06745017
    In some cases, loans that should have been blocked were shipped. This was fixed.
  • URM-180783 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06802260
    In some cases, the wrong font was outputted on the print slips. This was fixed.
  • URM-194108 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06587987 06844403
    In some cases, when selecting a location in the Create Move Request dialog box, the loan was not recalled, and the Ship physically was created with a "Pickup From Shelf" status rather than "Place in Queue:1". This was fixed.
  • URM-181216 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06486736 06505299
    In some cases, lending libraries received duplicated requests. This was fixed.
  • URM-198542 February 2024 Fulfillment and Resource Sharing SF: 06785824
    The Expiry Time (days) field was missing from the Parameters tab (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Partners) for ISO 18626 partners. This was fixed.
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