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    Adding Save to RefWorks to Edge browser

    • Product: New RefWorks


    How do I add Save to RefWorks to Edge browser?


    The Edge browser will not allow drag and drop to the toolbar, so it is necessary to manually add the bookmarklet.

    1. From the account go to the Tools page, then bookmark the page to the favorites bar but change the name to Save to RefWorks and select Add.clipboard_e6fde5b451f61ded8f828ce9394c9a27e.png

    2. Now click on the Save to RefWorks button, once the pop-up opens right-click on the Save to RefWorks drag box and select Copy link.

    3. Right-click the bookmark, select Edit URL, and paste what you copied from Save to RefWorks into the URL box and select Enter. clipboard_ead11b8f77ceaa511703850a5105b206f.png

    4. You should now be able to use the Save to RefWorks button.clipboard_ede311eb58e6b3c4b58795f2860f0c41a.png




    • Article last edited: 18-Feb-2020