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How do I know which Refworks Word add-in am I using?

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    How do I know which Refworks Word add-in am I using: Write-n-Cite or RefWorks Citation Manager?


    Refworks offers two writing tools add-ins to accompany your work and simplify your citations in MS Word:

    Write-n-Cite (WnC), supported by Word 2010, Word 2013 and Word 2016.

    RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM), supported by Word 2016 and above.

    For more information about selecting the right add-on refer here.

    To find out how to install WnC and RCM, please visit the ‘Tools’ section in RefWorks (

    You can identify which add-in you are using by the Word ribbon tab name and add-on location:

    1.       Write-n-Cite – the tab is called Refworks; clicking it opens WnC within the Word ribbon at the top of the document.

    RefWorks tab.png

    2.       RefWorks Citation Manager – the tab is called RCM; clicking it opens an RCM ribbon button and clicking on the button opens RCM in a pane to the right of the document.

    Product: RefWorks Writing Tools



  • Article last edited: 28-Oct-2020
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