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    What Are the Differences Between RefWorks and Legacy RefWorks?

    Differences Between RefWorks and Legacy RefWorks

    The following table details features that are available only in RefWorks and features that are available in both versions but with different names.

    Legacy RefWorks Compared to RefWorks
    Feature RefWorks (blue interface) Legacy RefWorks (orange interface)
    User Interface

    Modern and intuitive

    Ongoing accessibility enhancements

    Outdated and less responsive

    Accessibility issues remain unaddressed 

    Reference organization options Folders & sub-folders

    Projects: separate reference collections, each with its own set of folders

    References can be viewed by tags
    Folders & sub-folders

    Separate reference collections in a single account not supported

    References can be viewed by tags, called descriptors
    Editing reference metadata Multiple reference editing using Bulk Edit

    Metadata rich text formatting support

    Users can add up to 15 custom fields
    Multiple reference editing using Global Edit

    Metadata rich text formatting not available

    Users can add up to 15 custom fields, called user fields
    Finding reference matches Can search for reference matches in the Ex Libris database of over 4 billion records  Not available
    PDF management View PDF attachments using integrated PDF reader

    When uploading a PDF file metadata is extracted and enhanced from the Ex Libris database of over 4 billion records
    View PDF attachments only by downloading the files

    Metadata enhancement not available
    Import references from websites that do not support direct export or export to reference file Using Save to RefWorks Using RefGrab-It
    Collaboration options – folder sharing With entire institution

    With specific users, with various permission levels; including collaborative pdf annotation (comments and notes)

    With non-RefWorks users via link
    With specific users or with non-RefWorks users, via link only
    Collaboration options – Project sharing Share Projects with RefWorks users Not available
    Collaboration options –writing Project co-owners using RefWorks Citation Manager can each contribute to the same Word document Not available
    Writing tool add-ons Available for Word, Google Docs and Hangul Available for Word and Hangul
    Copy citations into a document Supported (not available for numbered styles) Supported
    Citation view, for viewing a formatted reference in a selected citation style  Shows the formatted citation and highlights missing metadata required by the selected style Shows the formatted citation only
    Citation style management

    Quick access to Favorite, Custom, Recent, and Institutional styles via dedicated dropdown lists

    Style customization using the Citation Style Editor

    Favorite styles management using the Output Style Manager

    Style customization using the Output Style Editor
    Export Ref IDs Ref IDs included in all reference export formats for easy reference identification Not available
    Deduplication Choice of three deduplication algorithms

    Can de-duplicate a specific folder
    Choice of two deduplication algorithms

    Cannot de-duplicate specific folders, only All References
    Admin Features
    Accessing admin features  Via Admin section of RefWorks, available to users designated as Admins  Via Admin Tool using institutional admin credentials
    Viewing user data Export user data to CSV file for easy searching and sorting. In Admin Tool (under Account Activity/Inactivity) using institutional admin credentials; data cannot be exported.
    Viewable user information

    Created Date 
    Last Active Date 
    Additional info: Area of Focus, Status 

    Customized information can be added to account creation (for example, Campus Name) 

    Type of User (Role)
    Creation Date
    Last Login Date
    Additional info: UserID, # Logins, Login, Last RefID, Browser/OS Info 
    Syncing with external storage system   Enable/Disable DropBox sync Not available
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