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Downloading Write-N-Cite version with detailed logs

  • Product: RefWorks

Users may be asked to provide detailed Write-N-Cite (WNC) log files by Support. These log files provide more detail than the default installations offered.

Download links from where you can download the version of WNC with increased log verbosity:

There are useful files created by WNC that help diagnose possible installation and application errors - Installation logs and application logs.

Please attach the files requested to an email reply for review by the development team.

Write’N’Cite Installation log files can be located on the local user temp folder.

Files should be located under your local user’s temp folder.

  • On Windows 10 location should be C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Temp
    • Shorthand: Enter  %TEMP% on your File Explorer address bar should take you directly there.
  • These files should be available right after the install. Temp folders tend to be deleted over time.
  • Two different log files:
    • For 32 bits installer look for PQforWordInstall32.log
    • For 64 bits installer look for WnC4Install64.log

File location of WNC logs

Write’N’Cite Application logs

  • Application log files can be located under the local user AppData local folder: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local
    • Shorthand: Enter %APPDATALOCAL% on your File Explorer address bar should take you directly there.
  • Include all files that begin with pq.*.
  • In particular application log files are named “pq.log.*” but all files could be useful for diagnose.
  • If the same machine contains multiple user accounts you may need to go for each user with issues and copy their particular pq.* files.





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