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    Installing Write-N-Cite 4 on a Network

    Write-N-Cite 4 for Windows can be installed over a network using the network installation tools available to your technology department.

    For the Write-N-Cite download  links, see RefWorks Write-N-Cite Downloads.

    Below are some installation tips/options that can be used by the technology department.

    • Use msiexec and run the MSI file. It is located at C:/ProgramData/Downloaded Installations/{}/Write-N-Cite.msi. For a network installation, copy that to a network accessible location. The prerequisites must be installed already on the machines. Once you have the MSI extracted, run the installer silently with the command >msiexec /i "{path to file}" /q
    • If an administrator installs Write-N-Cite on a computer, users on that computer should be able to access Write-N-Cite. The user must have write access to the RefWorks install log and the database that is kept in the RefWorks folder. In the registry, users need read & write permissions to the HKCU.
    • If the computers are running 32 bit Office, the install log for Write-N-Cite, Write-N-Cite_Install, is located at C:\Program Files(x86)\RefWorks-COS\Write-N-Cite\.
    • Each user who has a profile on the computer will also have a log file and database file at C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local. If the RefWorks tab is still not displaying for a user, this is probably a rights issue. Users will need to have read and write access to their profile folder at C:\Users\. Write-N-Cite uses the User profile folder to store all data. Users will also need to have read access to the HKLM key in order for Write-N-Cite 4 to display within the Word ribbon. The HKLM keys should be located at HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Office/Word/Addins/Write-n-Cite.
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