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    Write-N-Cite Quick Start Guide

    Launch RefWorks Write-N-Cite

    The first time you launch Write-N-Cite, you must be connected to the internet in order to log in and sync your RefWorks database with Write-N-Cite.

    Tip: In most cases, there is no need to log out of Write-N-Cite when you are not using it. However, if you are using a public computer you should log out of Write-N-Cite when you complete your work. If someone does gain access to your RefWorks account logged in Write-N-Cite, they will not be able to change anything in your account since Write-N-Cite doesn’t allow editing your references.

    For Help and Technical Assistance

    • A tutorial that provides explanations of various Write-N-Cite functions is available within every account. Use the HELP pull-down menu to access the tutorials, FAQs, and more.
    • Go to for video tutorials

    Getting Started with Write-N-Cite in 4 Easy Steps

    Get started with Write-N-Cite to format your in-text and footnote citations and bibliography — all while you are writing your paper.

    1. Click RefWorks in your MS Word ribbon to launch Write-N-Cite
    2. Select an output style
    3. Insert in-text citations or footnotes and your bibliography
    4. Save your paper

    Logging in to Write-N-Cite:

    1. Click RefWorks from the Microsoft Word ribbon.


    2. In the Settings area, click Log In.



    After you log in the first time, Write-N-Cite will automatically sync with your RefWorks account. This may take a few seconds. It is downloading your references, folders and preferred output styles. At any time you can click Sync my Database in the Extras area and new and updated references will be included in Write-N-Cite. While it is syncing, you can still access all of Word’s functionality, but the Write-N-Cite functions will not become active until syncing has finished.

    Selecting Your Output Style

    Select an output style for your document. Citations and your bibliography will be displayed in your document in the selected output style. You can change the style at any time.

    1. Click the Style drop down menu. You will see a list of RefWorks’ popular styles (see inset 1).
    2. Click the style name or click Select Other Style at the bottom of the list to see your personal favorites or any output styles recommended by your institution (group favorites) (see inset 2).


    If the output style you need is not listed, log in to your RefWorks account and add it using the Output Style Editor. Once you add the style. Click Sync My Database to download the newly added style.

    Inserting Citations and Your Bibliography

    When you are ready to insert a citation into your paper:

    1. Click insert citation and insert new to launch the insert/edit citation box. If you have previously used Write-N-Cite, you may see some recently selected citations listed above the insert new caption. You can select a citation displayed in this list, or access all your references from the insert new option.


    2. Once the Insert/Edit Citation box displays, you can access references by folder, or search for a specific reference. The search box will search every field of every reference. You can use “AND” and “OR” when using the search box.


    3. Click the reference you want to cite. You will see a preview of the formatted citation in the selected Output Style.


    4. Click OK to insert your formatted citation. To include multiple references in a single citation, click the + button in the Compose Citation area, and select an additional  reference from your list. You can double-click your reference to add it and make space for a new one.


    5. To insert a footnote instead of an in-text citation, click the Make Footnote checkbox in the Edit Reference area. Once you make a footnote and finish editing the citation, you will not be able to undo this action. However, you can always add a new in-text citation.


    6. You can insert your bibliography anywhere in your paper while you are writing. Click Bibliography Options > Insert Bibliography.



      Make sure you have your cursor already positioned where you want to place the bibliography, as the bibliography will be inserted wherever the cursor is in your paper. You can click Remove Bibliography and re-insert if you need to change the location. and re-insert if you need to change the location. And — save your formatted paper (but save it periodically while you are writing!).

    Extras and Other Cool Stuff

    1. The Extras section of the toolbar offers options like Sync Your Database, Remove Field Codes, and Open Your RefWorks account.


    2. In the Settings area, you can log out of Write-N-Cite, and Set Preferences (like selecting a different language, import references, and switch to another RefWorks account).


    Use Folder Auto Sync to create a subfolder in your Documents folder named like your document, and place copies of your references in that folder for easy access.


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