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    Creating Your Custom List of Output Styles

    RefWorks has hundreds of output styles to choose from for your bibliography and paper. The Output Style Manager is designed to help you you easily navigate through the long list.

    The Output Style Manager allows you to create an abbreviated, custom version of the RefWorks output style list. This makes it easier for you to navigate and locate the styles you use most often. You can establish your Favorites, which always display at the top of the output style drop-down list in the Bibliography area, when using AccuCite while adding or editing references and when using Write-N-Cite.

    To use the Output Style Manager:
    1. Select Output Style Manager from the Bibliography menu.


      Output Style Manager
      The Output Style Manager opens.
    2. Select a list of styles to display in the Choose Output Style area. By default, all of the output styles available in RefWorks displays (the Show All option) in the left column. You can select Show Organizations or Show User-Customized from the drop-down list or search for a style using the Search box.
    3. You can move the styles you want into your Favorites list by selecting the style name in the left column and clicking the Add to Favorites icon clipboard_e2256a7e3007d8d2027db5a7348727e8a.png. To view the style before moving it, select the style and click the Preview Output Style button.
    4. You can remove a style from your Favorites by selecting the style in the right column and clicking the Remove from Favorites icon clipboard_eda34ce3bb7c66fc9f05a1c6f189e6e03.png. You can remove all styles in your Favorites by clicking on the Remove All button.
    5. Close the Output Style Manager.
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