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    Using the Quick Cite feature in RefWorks

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    Using the Quick Cite feature in RefWorks

    The Quick Cite tool enables users to copy and paste both in-text citations and bibliographies into their documents without the need of a plug-in or other tool in their word processor. Users may create in-text citations and bibliographies from their folders or entire database.

    As the user selects and inserts their in-text citations, Quick Cite will bookmark those references already used. The list of bookmarked references will then be compiled into a bibliography when needed.

    1. To use Quick Cite, open RefWorks and select the Quote icon from the toolbar.

    2. The resulting pop up window will ask for a bibliographic output style to be selected. Select Continue… to move to the next step.


    Because of the in-text citation numbering assigned to numeric styles, in-text citations cannot be created in the proper numeric order using Quick Cite. It is suggested that one of our word processor plugins be used for users who use numeric styles.


    1. Use the list of references to select individual or multiple citations at a time. Select the Copy citations to clipboard button to save the in-text citation. Then paste the references into your document at the appropriate location.


    The Copy citations to clipboard button will bookmark the references used providing a way to ensure the correct citations are being used and what the bibliography will include when created.


    1. After all the in-text citations are create and inserted into the document, select the Continue to bibliography button to create the bibliography.

    2. Once the bibliography is displayed it can be copied in the same manner as the in-text citations and can then be pasted into the desired location in the document.


    If you need to create a reading list or list of references that includes items not present in the text, you may create a bibliography of the contents of the folder in use or the entire account.



    To answer any questions or issues contact RefWorks at the ProQuest support center:


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