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    2021 RefWorks Release Information

    December 14, 2021

    Using Shared Folders in RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM)

    Users can now view and cite references in a shared folder in RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM). Previously, users could view and cite references in shared projects but not in shared folders. With the addition of this feature, users can limit sharing to a specific folder and still use the shared references in RCM.

    Integration between RefWorks and My Research

    idea exchange Idea Exchange

    Users can now connect and synchronize a ProQuest My Research account with their RefWorks account. Any references that are added to My Research will automatically be displayed in the RefWorks account and vice versa. Users can stay on the ProQuest Platform and view and manage their RefWorks folders and references.


    My Research

    1.    Before connecting an existing My Research account, its contents must be placed in the RefWorks account. Refer here for details.
    2.    Connected legacy RefWorks accounts will remain connected, but new connections to legacy RefWorks accounts are no longer supported.

    To learn more about syncing My Research and RefWorks accounts, click here.

    New Citation Styles

    RefWorks now supports the following new styles:

    • スポーツ心理学研究
    • 環境社会学研究
    • 国際P2M学会誌
    • 国際ビジネス研究
    • 国際開発研究
    • 日本貿易学会\
    • 日本地域看護学会誌
    • 日本産業看護学会誌
    • 日本内視鏡外科学会
    • 日本医療・病院管理学会誌
    • 心理臨床学研究
    • 日本眼科学会雑誌
    • Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research
    • アメリカ史研究
    • Library and Information Science
    • 麻酔
    • MERAJournal -人間・環境学会誌
    • 日本家族心理学会
    • 横幹
    • 周産期医学
    • Physiological Measurement
    • Respiratory Investigation
    • 絵本学
    • 日本外傷学会雑誌
    • 犯罪心理学研究
    • 日本集中治療医学会雑誌
    • GIS-理論と応用

    Updates to Citation Styles

    RefWorks has updated the following styles:

    • MLA 9th - No Case Changes (No Title Casing), Annotated with Abstract
    • MLA 9th - Title Casing
    • MLA 9th (basic) - No Case Changes (No Title Casing)
    • 哺乳類科学

    Resolved Issues

    For Create Bibliography and Exporting to a File, only 50 References were Included

    For several weeks, when creating a bibliography and exporting references to a file, users could not include more than 50 references. This was fixed.

    Log in and Log out no Longer Required for Syncing Write-n-Cite (WnC) Database

    When a WnC user (using Windows) wanted to sync their database, they needed to log in and out for the reference list to refresh. This issue was resolved with the release of WnC version 4.6.270.

    Arrow in Username Dropdown Disappears during Onboarding

    Towards the end of the onboarding flow, the arrow in the username dropdown disappeared and reappeared only after the page was refreshed. This was fixed (the arrow can always be seen).
    hidden arrow.png
    Arrow in Username Dropdown

    Error Messages shown in Profile Form Incorrectly

    When creating a new RefWorks account, if a user does not provide answers to required fields in the Profile Form, an error message is shown. When the user provided answers to these fields, the error message would not disappear. This was fixed and now the error message appears only when information is missing.
    missing information for new account.png
    Missing Information for New Account

    November 10, 2021

    Ref ID Added to Export Files

    idea exchange Idea Exchange

    The reference Ref ID is now included in all reference export files, allowing users to easily locate and identify references in the file using their unique RefWorks identifier. The Ref ID is shown in the first line of each reference. For more information on Exporting Files, click here.

    ref ids in exported bib file.png

    Ref IDs in Exported .bib File

    New Video Tutorial Screen Added to Onboarding Screens

    A screen displaying the RefWorks video tutorial page now appears at the start of the onboarding flow, to allow new users to easily locate this helpful resource.

    video tutorial page.png

    Video Tutorial Page

    Video Tutorial Icon Added to Utility Toolbar

    An icon linking to the RefWorks video tutorials has been added to the utility toolbar, next to the Help icon, and replaces the link in the Help menu. This change makes it easier for users to locate this helpful resource.

    video icon.png

    Video Icon

    New explanatory coachmarks (tooltips) have been added to the video icon and the help icon. They appear during the onboarding flow, to help bring attention to and explain these icons to new users.

    New Write-n-Cite Version for Mac

    A new Write-n-Cite (WnC) version is available for Mac users.

    The new version of Write-n-Cite provides:

    • Security enhancements.
    • Resolution of command window staying open during update to a new WnC version or uninstall of WnC. This applies to user-installed versions as well as IT versions of WnC that are installed institution-wide.
    • Support of new reference types and fields added to RefWorks in a prior release.

    New Citation Styles

    RefWorks now supports the following new styles:

    • MLA 9th Edition
    • MLA 9th Edition - Annotated with Abstract
    • MLA 9th Edition - No Title Casing
    • コピー / 哺乳類科学
    • 医学教育
    • International Immunology
    • 教師学研究
    • 日本臨床外科学会
    • 音楽教育学
    • 小児内科
    • 日本小児腎臓病学会
    • Japanese Journal of Radiology
    • 犯罪社会学研究

    Updates to Citation Styles

    RefWorks has updated the following styles:

    • Cite Them Right, 11th edition – Harvard
    • AMA 11th - American Medical Association, 11th Edition

    Resolved Issues

    Could not Add Attachments to References in Search Results

    When searching for a reference, a user could not add an attachment to a reference that appeared as a search result, via the Reference Editor. This was fixed.

    Newly Added References and Tags did not Appear in Search Results

    For several weeks newly added references and tags did not appear in search results, due to an indexing error. This was fixed.

    October 14, 2021

    New Citation Styles

    RefWorks now supports the following new styles:

    • AMB Express
    • Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
    • 行動計量学
    • Bioscience of Microbiota, Food and Health
    • キャリアデザイン研究
    • 企業家研究
    • 学生相談研究
    • 言語聴覚研究
    • Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
    • Histopathology

    Resolved Issues

    Reference Type Dropdown in Firefox

    When creating a reference in Firefox, the Reference Type dropdown opened upwards, blocking some options for users. This was fixed.

    Assigning References to Multiple Folders

    After assigning a reference from one folder to another folder, the Assign to Folder menu would not open. In addition, after deselecting folders (in order to un-assign them), the Apply button would not appear. This was fixed.

    September 14, 2021

    'Find Matches' Feature Added to ISSN and ISBN fields 

    idea exchange Idea Exchange

    When manually creating a reference, users can enter the ISSN or ISBN number of a reference and search for matches by selecting the lightning-bolt-aka-locate-icon.png icon.  Results are shown at the bottom of the Reference Editor. When the user selects a result, the reference metadata is filled in the relevant fields. If no suitable match is found the user can enter the rest of the metadata manually.

    In addition, an improvement was made to the DOI field - the lightning-bolt-aka-locate-icon.png icon now appears next to the field by default and not only when starting to enter text, making it clear that this feature is available for the DOI field.

    This feature is also available for the Title and DOI fields.

    ISBN lookup.png
    Example of an ISBN Search
    To learn more about this feature, see Managing References.

    Option to Include or Exclude Tags when Importing References

    idea exchange Idea Exchange

    When importing references by uploading a file, Direct Export (from an external database/collection) and our browser bookmarklet Save to RefWorks, users can now choose whether to include tags with the reference metadata or not. Tags are imported by default unless the user turns the toggle off.

    Import Tags Toggle for Upload File and Direct Export
    STR Toggle.png
    Import Tags Toggle for Save to RefWorks

    To learn more about reference import methods, see Importing References.

    Resolved Issues

    Overlaying Dropdown Removed for 'Document Language'

    When editing a reference, the dropdown results for Document Language were blocked by previous search terms. The overlaying dropdown was removed to restore full visibility of the search terms.

    bug-before - resized.png

    bug-after - resized.png

    URL Field is now Displayed in Citations and Bibliographies

    The URL field was not displayed for the Reference Type 'Website' when used in citations, bibliographies and Citation View. This was fixed.

    August 17, 2021

    New Reference Types and Fields

    RefWorks now includes new reference types and fields , and existing fields were added to more reference types. This expands options for users importing and creating references, and aligns RefWorks types and fields with those found in legacy RefWorks. The change enables a legacy user to upgrade their account with the assurance that all reference data is copied accurately, without the need to use custom fields or manually enter data. In addition:

    • Some field names were updated for clarity and consistency.

    • The new types and fields will appear in citations created with RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM), Write-n-Cite (WnC), RefWorks for Google Docs, and Quick Cite. 

    • The new types and fields are available in the Citation Style Editor.

    Two new reference types were added:

    • Grant

    • Motion Picture

    New RefWorks Types

    Five new fields were added to all reference types:

    • Author Address/Affiliation
    • Cited References
    • Personal Notes
    • Publish Date, Additional Information
    • Reference Language
    RefWorks Fields

    For full details on the changes, including field name changes and guidance for legacy RefWorks users who are upgrading their account, visit RefWorks Ref Types and Fields.

    New Write-n-Cite Version

    A new Write-n-Cite (WnC) version is available.

    The new version of Write-n-Cite provides:

    • Additional security enhancements.
    • Resolution of command window staying open during update to a new WnC version or uninstall of WnC, for both user-installed versions and IT versions of WnC, used to install WnC institution-wide.
    • Support of new reference types and fields being added to RefWorks, as mentioned in the 'New Reference Types and Fields' notes above.

    This new version, 4.6.241 (or higher) for Windows, will be available on the Tools page of RefWorks and legacy RefWorks.
    The new version for Mac, 4.6.212 (or higher), will be made available to users in the coming days.

    Users who do not upgrade now are able to continue using current versions, but will not have the new features described above. However, starting October 1, older versions of WnC will no longer work. We recommend updating to the latest version as soon as possible.

    'Save' Button is Persistent when Scrolling in Admin Settings

    On the Admin Settings page, the Save button can now be seen at all times when scrolling. Previously, the button was found at the bottom of the page (after the Profile Creation Message field). This change helps admins to remember to save changes before navigating away from the page.

    Save for Admin Settings.png

    Save Button Panel for Admin > Settings

    New Link to Resources for RefWorks Styles

    In the Citation Style Editor, a link to information on how to customize CSL styles now only appears when viewing a CSL style. When viewing a RefWorks style, links to the following resources appear:


    Link for CSL Styles

    Hover Message for Custom Fields Appears Permanently on Settings Page

    On the Settings page, when a custom field is in use for at least one reference, text appears to explain that the field is in use, and contains a link that displays all references that use the field. The text previously showed only when the user hovered the mouse over the field – now the text displays permanently.

    Custom Field Text

    Updates to Citation Styles

    RefWorks has updated the following style:

    • Cite Them Rite, 11th edition - Harvard

    July 13, 2021

    Extension to RefWorks API

    APIs for RefWorks were extended to support additional functionality. 
    In addition to actions made possible through the API (see April 2021 notes below), users can now:

    • Rename a folder
    • Add references to folders
    • Remove references from folders
    • Edit a reference's metadata
    • Delete references (move references to Deleted)

    An access key is required to use these APIs; contact RefWorks support to obtain a key.
    For more information, read the API documentation here.

    Resolved Issues

    UI Fix

    Users viewing RefWorks in Spanish, French, and Japanese had overlapping text at the bottom of the Reference Organization. This was fixed.





    Project Sharing

    Users are alerted if they attempt to share a Project with a user who is already a Project owner (including if they attempt to share with their own account).

    June 8, 2021

    Improvements to the Single Sign-on (SSO) Process

    A new single sign-on (Shibboleth/OpenAthens) server is now being used by (new) RefWorks.

    The new server provides:

    • Improved security
    • Improved registration process to grant faster institution access to SSO

    Institutions using SSO need to update their configuration to use the new server. Details have been emailed to RefWorks Admins at these institutions.

    If no email has been received, contact RefWorks Support.

    To start using SSO at your institution, refer to Shibboleth and RefWorks.

    No changes are required for legacy RefWorks SSO configuration.

    WAYFless Access

    idea exchange Idea Exchange
    WAYFless URL enables users to directly access their RefWorks accounts via institutional login, bypassing the RefWorks login screen.

    WAYFless URLs are now available to institutions using Single Sign-on for RefWorks.

    Administrators can copy and paste the institution's unique WAYFless URL from Admin > Settings > WAYFless Login.


    WAYFless Login

    Tools Icon Now Consistent Across Browsers

    For consistency, the Tools icon now displays a wrench icon in all supported browsers.


    Menu - Tools icon

    Option Removed from Share Dropdown

    Copy shared references was removed from the Share menu. Users can still copy shared references from the Assign to Folder menu.


    Old version


    New version

    Resolved Issues

    Search Field Clears Previous Search Term

    When editing a reference, the Add more fields search box clears any previously entered search term, improving user workflow.


    Edit Pane - Add more fields Search

    May 11, 2021

    Roles and Areas of Focus

    idea exchange Idea Exchange

    When users create a RefWorks account, they select a Role and (if defined by the institution) an Area of Focus. These can be updated at any time from the user Settings page. Admins can now customize the options that are available to users in their institution.

    To view and customize the Roles and Areas of Focus lists, select Admin > Account Creation.

    The options currently available at the institution are listed (including options available in Legacy RefWorks, for institutions using both RefWorks versions).

    Some spellings have changed, for example "Prof" is now be listed as "Professor".

    Use Select from available roles or Select from available areas of focus to add options to the institution's list. Admins can also manually enter options in the textbox and edit or remove options.

    The lists defined in the Account Creation section are reflected in the User Settings and in the Admin Analytics.

    Users' Roles and Areas of Focus have not been affected by these changes, other than spelling changes, as mentioned above.


    Admin Account Creation page


    User Settings page

    Create New Reference UI Update

    Within the Add Reference menu, the description for Create new reference was updated to include: Enter information manually or search for matches.

    By entering a partial title or DOI and selecting LighteningBolt.png, users can search for matching references in the Ex Libris database.


    Manage Projects UI Update

    The Manage Projects button was updated to a blue hyperlink to be consistent with the rest of the Refworks UI.


    Old Version


    New Version

    Resolved Issues

    Stalling PDF Files Fixed

    Some large PDF files (of 7MB or more) could not upload successfully and stalled during the process. This was fixed.

    Link to Install RefWorks for Google Docs Updated

    The RefWorks for Google Docs link in the Tools page was updated and now links to the Google Workspace Marketplace where users can install the add-on.

    April 13, 2021

    RefWorks API

    APIs are now available for RefWorks. They can be used to perform various RefWorks functions outside of a RefWorks account, for example:

    • Retrieve a list of citation styles
    • Create a new folder 
    • Retrieve a list of references in a folder

    An access key is required to use these APIs; contact RefWorks support to obtain a key.

    For more information, read the API documentation here.

    Document Upgrade for RCM Hangul

    RefWorks Citation Manager Hangul users can now upgrade a Hangul document with citations from a legacy RefWorks account and continue working on it with a (new) RefWorks account.

    Log into RCM Hangul with your (new) RefWorks credentials and follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade your document.

    New Citation Styles

    RefWorks now supports the following new styles:

    • 日本赤十字学園共同看護学専攻 学位論文執筆要領 2019 - Japanese Red Cross Academy bulletin style

    RefWorks has updated the following styles:

    • 学校保健研究 - The Japanese Association of School Health
    • Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry

    Resolved Issues

    Arrows on Dropdown Menus not Aligned

    The arrows on dropdown menus in the Custom Style Editor are now aligned.

    Failed File Upload Message Updated

    The failed file upload message previously said the file can still be downloaded from RefWorks, which was not the case. The message was updated to clarify that the file should be removed and re-uploaded. 

    March 9, 2021

    Document Upgrade

    RefWorks Citation Manager users can now upgrade a Word document with citations from a legacy RefWorks account and continue working on it with a (new) RefWorks account. 

    This feature will be supported for RCM-Hangul in a future release.

    Additional Special Characters for Email Addresses

    When creating an account, the following characters are now supported for email addresses, in addition to the special characters that are currently available: !#$&'*/=?^`{|}~

    Resolved Issues

    Selecting 'Start over' When Creating an Account

    When users created an account and selected Start over on the screen below, an error occurred and the process could not be restarted. This was fixed.


    February 12, 2021

    Copy/Paste in RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM)

    After changes to RCM in June 2020, users were able to copy and paste citations inside their RCM document. However, users of the Word 2016 desktop version were not able to use this functionality. Now, these users can copy and paste a citation in their RCM like users of all other supported versions of Word.

    February 9, 2021

    New Bulk Edit Fields

    idea exchange Idea Exchange

    Users can now Bulk Edit the following fields, in addition to the fields that are currently available:

    • Authors
    • Language
    • Reference Type
    • Title
    • DOI


    Update to APA 7th Name

    The 'APA 7th – No Case Changes (No Title Casing), DOI: empty' style is now titled:

    • APA 7th (basic) – No Case Changes (No Title Casing), DOI: empty

    Users working with 'APA 6th - American Psychological Association, 6th Edition' who are moving to APA 7th should use this version. Users requiring changes to metadata should use other APA 7th versions. For more information, see Using APA 7th Edition in Refworks.

    New Citation Styles

    RefWorks now supports the following new style:

    • 日本体育大学紀要

    The following style had been updated:

    • American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

    Resolved Issues

    Invite to Project Icon

    The icon for "Invite to Project" is now aligned to the center of the text.


    Custom Editing Footnote Style Disabled Footnotes in RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM)

    Previously, when making custom edits to a footnote style, footnote citations did not display when the customer style was used in RCM. This has been fixed.


    January 12, 2021

    Supported File Extensions in RefWorks

    You can now only upload attachments with valid file extensions in both (new) RefWorks and legacy RefWorks. If you attempt to upload an attachment with an invalid file format, you receive an error message explaining that the file type is not supported. For a list of supported file types, see Valid Attachment File Formats.

    NRW file ext error.png error_message.jpg
    Legacy RefWorks

    New Citation Styles

    RefWorks now supports the following new styles:

    • BMC Nephrology
    • 日本精神保健看護学会誌 – Journal of Japan Academy of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

    Resolved Issues

    Table View Message

    When using Table View, the message explaining the limit of 2000 references displayed even if there were fewer than 2000 references and the message remained in view until it was manually closed. Now, the message only displays if there are more than 2000 references and disappears when switching to a different page or view. Additionally, the message link was updated.

    Table View message.jpg

    Updated Tools Page Link

    The link contained in the text, "Visit the knowledge center to learn more about installing plug-ins and add-ons" was updated.

    RCM Reference List Refresh

    When selecting "Delete all invalid citations," the reference list did not refresh. This has been fixed.

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