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    2019 RefWorks Release Information

    • Product: RefWorks

    We encourage you to check this page for information and announcements pertaining to RefWorks features and functionality.

    Current Release Information

    December 3, 2019

    APA Style 7th Edition Added to Citation Styles

    APA 7th edition was added to the citation style list, allowing users to format citations and a bibliography in the most current edition of the APA style. It is available in RefWorks, legacy RefWorks, and the Word and Google Docs add-ons.


    RefWorks Links Corrected to Open Relevant Pages

    When searching for RefWorks pages from Google, many links did not direct to a relevant page. This was fixed.

    November 6, 2019

    New Link to RefWorks from Legacy RefWorks

    If you want to log in to RefWorks but end up on the Legacy RefWorks login page, you can click the new link at the top of the Legacy RefWorks login page for easy access to RefWorks:

    Upgrade to RefWorks Link Improved and New Link to Knowledge Center Upgrade Article Added

    The upgrade link at the top of the Legacy RefWorks interface is now clearer and more accessible. In addition, a link to an article describing the upgrade process was added:

    October 1, 2019

    New Fields Added to Exported User Information

    idea exchange Idea Exchange
    The Area of Focus and the additional profile information (if configured) are now included when exporting user information as a CSV file.

    Updated Export Page

    idea exchange Idea Exchange
    The page that appears when exporting references to RefWorks was updated:
    • The page layout was changed.
    • The option to have your selection saved to avoid having this page appear in the future was fixed.
    • An option to submit a support case was added.

    Monthly Release Pop-Up

    Starting from this release, for one week after a monthly release is published, a pop-up will be displayed when you log on to RefWorks, presenting information about the release and a link to the full release notes. After you close the pop-up it will not be displayed again until the next release.

    September 3, 2019

    There are only a few items in the release, because the development team is hard at work on the new RCM version, which is coming soon.

    Terminology on Account Creation Page Updated

    The following terminology updates were implemented on the Account Creation page:
    • The text was changed to describe accounts to be used by institutions in general, not just universities
    • Text was added to explain that when upgrading from Legacy RefWorks to the latest version of RefWorks, you cannot log in using your Legacy RefWorks credentials, rather you need to create a new account.

    August 6, 2019

    Add Additional Profile Information

    You can now add a drop-down field that is displayed to users when they create their user profile. You configure the field label and available answers from which the users select. If you configure this option, the new field is required to be answered.

    Add Profile Creation Message

    You can now customize text that is displayed to users on the Profile Creation page.
    profile_creation _message.png

    Set as Current Project

    You can now set a project as the current project with the new Set as Current Project option (available from the Action button) without leaving the Manage Projects page. You can still set a project as the current project by selecting the project name, which opens the project page.


    Selecting the Download all users as CSV button from the Admin page now downloads the file with the correct month in the file name.

    July 2, 2019

    Reference View Controls Moved to Top of Page

    idea exchange Idea Exchange
    The controls for selecting the number of references to appear per page and for selecting the View Type (Normal, Table, Full, or Citation) were moved to the top of the page so that they are more visible. In addition, the folder name is now displayed at the top of the page. 
    The All Documents tab was renamed All References.

    Deduplication Supported in Shared Projects

    Deduplication of references in a shared project is now supported.
    Deduplication of references in a shared folder is not supported.

    Publish Date Now Accepts Free Text

    idea exchange Idea Exchange
    You can now type any alphanumeric text, for example "n.d." or "unknown" in the Publish Date field as required by some styles (for example APA 6th edition) when the publish date is unknown.


    • RCM Information Displayed for Windows Users
      RCM information was displayed in the Tools section of Word for Mac users only. This was fixed and now the information is displayed for Windows users as well.

    June 4, 2019

    Alphabetical Sorting of Folders

    idea exchange Idea Exchange
    You can now sort folders alphabetically, in addition to the custom sorting (drag & drop) already available. You can toggle between the two sorting options using the new sort button. When choosing the custom option, your latest custom sorting is restored.
    Alphabetical Sorting of Folders.png
    • Subfolders are now automatically sorted alphabetically.
    • Currently, folders in the Sharing section can be custom sorted only.

    Document Writing Collaboration with RCM

    When writing a document connected to a shared project, you can now work collaboratively with other project owners (previously called members) when using RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM). A document with citations from the shared project can be emailed between users to which each owner can contribute. Each collaborator works on the document separately and then emails it to the other owners for further work, rather than multiple users simultaneously editing the document.
    The following conditions are necessary for working collaboratively with other project owners:
    • All collaborators must be owners of the same project.
    • All collaborators must be using RCM.
    If you receive a document with a custom style that is not available to you, you can still use that style. However, if you change the style in the document, you cannot revert back to the unavailable custom style. Only users who have the style available can revert to it.

    Exporting User Information

    Administrators are now able to export a user list to CSV. To support this new feature, the Download all users as CSV button was added to the Users page of the Administration module.
    The following information is exported:
    • Email address
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Role
    • Date created
    • Status:
      • Invited: a user received a RefWorks invitation, but did not activate the account
      • Activated: a user activated the account
      • Deactivated: a user activated the account, but it was later deactivated by an administrator
      • Admin
    • Date last active

    Project Fixes

    The following fixes were done for this release:
    • Project and Folder Sharing – A fix was made to project sharing, so that now when publicly sharing a folder within a shared project, the folder's sharing icon now appears to all project owners and not just to the user who shared the folder.
    • ezProxy Direct Export – A fix was made to resolve direct export issues for users using ezProxy.
      This issue occurred only to users with a single project in their account.

    May 7, 2019

    Project Sharing

    idea exchange Idea Exchange
    From this release, you have the option to share a project with other RefWorks users. This provides functionality similar to Group Accounts in Legacy RefWorks.
    • Anyone with whom a project was shared becomes a project member (after accepting the project invitation) and has full permissions within the project, including adding, deleting and modifying folders and references. Any member can delete the project, as long as it is not the current project of any member.
    • Reference IDs within a project are unique. Therefore, when you add a reference to a shared project, it may receive a RefID that is not consecutive to the last RefID of a reference you created.
    You share a project by selecting Share this Project:
    • From the Project Menu:
    • From a project’s Actions button on the My Projects page (Project Menu > Manage Projects):
    The Project Sharing Settings page appears, displaying the people with whom the project is shared.
    The following actions are available from this page:
    • To share the project with a member, enter an email address in the Invite Members to Join field and click Done.
    • To unshare the project with a member, click Remove next to the member’s email address and click Done.
    • To unshare the project with all members, click Unshare Project.

    April 2, 2019

    Additional Citation Style Language (CSL) Styles

    Hundreds of additional Citation Style Language styles were added to RefWorks. CSL is a repository of community sourced bibliographic styles that greatly expand the options available for users. These new styles include foreign language and UK specific Harvard styles.

    CSL styles can be used with the RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) Writing Tool. 


    Improved Formatting of Bibliographies in Publicly Shared Folders

    The look-and-feel of bibliographies created in publicly shared folders was enhanced by adding spacing and indenting.

    Improved Experience for Users with a Proxy

    The functionality when using RefWorks with a proxy was improved in the following ways:

    March 6, 2019

    Public Folder Sharing

    The following new enhancements are now available when publicly sharing folders in RefWorks:
    • More functionality was added to publicly shared folders, allowing users who do not have a RefWorks account more options when working with shared citations.
    • You are now able to create a bibliography by selecting from the most commonly used citation styles and can export the references for use in another program. All fields of the bibliography are viewable from the expanded panel and attachments to the bibliography can be downloaded.

      all fields and output.png

    • Publicly shared references are now sortable by folder. References can be sorted by Date added, Date accessed, Date published, Title, Author, and Ref ID.


    Writing Tools

    The following new enhancements are now available for Write-n-Cite:
    • With the newest version of Write-n-Cite (WIN version 4.6.59. MAC version 4.6.23), the name of the current project is displayed.

      WNC Project Name.png

    • If no citations were added to the document, the option to change the project is available.

       WNC Select Project.png

    • This new version of Write-n-Cite also fixes an issue where some users did not see all of the available references in Write-n-Cite.

    February 6, 2019

    Public Folder Sharing 

    With the February release, a new option is available when selecting Share a Folder that enables you to create a public URL to share the contents of folders and sub-folders with people who do not have a RefWorks account. 


    Selecting Remove URL deletes the URL and removes public access to the folder. 



    From this release, you have the ability to select to which project references are exported when moving to the newest version of RefWorks from the legacy version of RefWorks. 


    PDF Reader

    Fixed an issue that was preventing users from annotating or highlighting text in PDFs.


    January 8, 2019


    The RefWorks team expanded the concept of Projects within RefWorks. Now, when importing references into RefWorks, you can select with which project the references should be associated.

    The option to select the project is available when performing the following actions:

    • Importing references with the Save to RefWorks tool:

      save to RefWorks select a project

    • Directly exporting from a database:

      direct export.png

    Writing Tools

    RefWorks Citation Manager
    You can select which project is used when you use RefWorks Citation Manager to write a document. Only references from a single project can be included in a document, so be sure that all of the references you want to cite in your document are available in the project you select.
    The ability to select a project from Write-n-Cite will be part of the February 2019 release. 

    Search Databases

    Fixed an issue with spacing when typing a search phrase. 

    December 9, 2018


    The final RefWorks release of 2018 introduces the concept of Projects. Projects will eventually provide a way for users of RefWorks to have the functionality of legacy RefWorks' multiple accounts. The first release of Projects is limited to creating and managing Projects. Future releases will allow users to select which Project to use with writing tools and the ability to share Projects.
    For this initial release, each RefWorks account is given an untitled project containing all of the references from the account. Most users of RefWorks will likely never need more than this single project. 
    Project Landing_default.png
    Advanced users who are working on multiple research projects and want to keep references for each project separate can create separate projects from the My Projects page.
    For more information, see Managing Projects.

    Admin with IE11

    The team fixed an issue where users with IE11 were unable to navigate to the Admin screen.

    November 6, 2018

    The RefWorks team is excited to share with you the latest features and functionality releases for November. 

    Remove Duplicates

    The Remove Duplicates functionality was enhanced with the following:

    • The text description that appears when selecting Tools was changed to be clearer and to indicate that removing duplicates is not available for shared folders.


    • If you select a shared folder from which to remove duplications, a warning message now appears.

      can't on shared folder.png

    • If you select a folder and then click Find Duplicates, the folder is selected by default in the Find Duplicate References dialog box.

      default to folder.png

    • Find Duplicates was added as a new row action in the folder shortcuts to activate the Remove Duplicates function, in addition to the Find Duplicates option under Tools.


    • The Remove from Folder feature was added that allows you to remove the duplicate from the folder, without deleting it.


    New Customer Support Submission Form

    You can now submit customer service issues using a form. The form is available by clicking the Help icon help_icon.png and selecting Contact Support.

    October 5, 2018

    Systematic Review

    User interface updates:

    To help make the work in systematic reviews easier to find, we added a Reference Identification (RefID) to every reference coordinated for each user's library. The RefID can be found next to each reference in normal view;

    normal view refID.png

    in the Table View, and is sortable;

    tableview refID.png

    in Search;

    search refID.png

    and in the Writing Tools


    We also updated Normal View so that you can now see the date, title and author of a reference.

    We also addressed some bugs regarding RCM, Search and TLS in Legacy.

    September 4, 2018

    Systematic Review

    User interface updates:

    To make systematic reviews easier to scan quickly, we provided Table View–a sortable view of references.

     Table View Screenshot.png


    Now you can see how many references there are in folders and subfolders with Reference Counts in Folders–a numeric count next to every folder.

    Folder Count.png


    For those who want to run a program across your references RefWorks can now Export to XML­–export citations in a well-formed XML format.

    XML export.png

    August 8, 2018


    RefWorks Citation Manager

    For users with thousands of references using RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) we've made significant performance improvements; syncing with your library upon opening RCM has gone from minutes to seconds. This is for both PC and Mac users with Word 2016.




    Being ever vigilant, we've made various security improvements to RefWorks both legacy and new.



    Note: we found a bug regarding an upcoming UI upgrade called Table View, so we're delaying the release of this enhancement for the sake of quality.

    July 27, 2018

    The RefWorks team is pleased to share with you the latest news on Citation Style Language release. It took a little bit to perfect, but we are excited to reveal, CSL styles are available for use in RefWorks, RefWorks Citation Manager, and RefWorks for Google Docs Add-on. Write-N-Cite support for CSL will be launched soon.

    What is CSL and how does it work?

    Citation Style Language (CSL) is a crowd-sourced repository of over 8,000 commonly used citation styles. In addition to the thousands of RefWorks citation and bibliography styles and any styles you may have created using the RefWorks Citation Style Editor, CSL styles are also available for use in RefWorks.


    CSL styles are identified throughout RefWorks with a green CSL icon and a lock.



    CSL Styles can be selected for use like any other citation style in RefWorks. If footnotes or endnotes are not supported by the CSL style, it will be noted when the style is selected.



    Because CSL styles are created and maintained by the CSL community, any editing or modifying of these styles is done outside of RefWorks in the CSL visual editor.

    July 3, 2018

    The RefWorks team is excited to share with you the latest features and functionality releases for July. These improvements include performance and various fixes. 


    PDF Import Fixes


    GDPR Update

    Writing Tools

    RefWorks Citation Manager Fix

    Citation styles requiring numeric references to be formatted; settings like superscript, subscript, bold, etc present in the citation style definition are honored by RefWorks Citation Manager.

    June 5, 2018

    The RefWorks team is pleased to share with you the latest features and functionality releases for June. These improvements include user interface enhancements and language support.


    User Interface Updates:




    Language Support:

    Systematic Review:

    Database Search Fix:

    De-duplication fix:


    May 1, 2018

    The RefWorks team is pleased to share with you the latest features and functionality releases for May. These improvements are in the following categories: Writing Tools, Systematic Review, and Security. We also have network monitoring for you to check if RefWorks is ‘up’ or ‘down.’


    May 2018 Release Highlights

    Writing Tools:

    Systematic Review






    Both legacy and RefWorks are now included in the Ex Libris status monitoring so you can see if connectivity issues affecting users are with RefWorks or with the network connection. You can be find this at


    April 3, 2018:

    Admin Tools:

                  Explanation of terms:








    Writing Tools:

    Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 8.12.53 PM.png


    March 6, 2018:

    Enhancements in this release


    Highlighted fixes

    Release details


    WNC syncing.png


    progress 2.png


    Submit your ideas to the Idea Exchange

    We want to hear from you! RefWorks is proud to announce the launch of the RefWorks Idea Exchange. This unique platform provides all customers the opportunity to post ideas for enhancements and extensions to RefWorks, while offering feedback and voting mechanisms to further support the development and advocacy of these ideas. Beyond this though, it facilitates transparent communication directly between users and the Ex Libris product management teams about what you consider to be development priorities.

    August: Write-N-Cite improvements:

    The RefWorks team is excited to announce improvements in Write-N-Cite for both Word and Mac.

    We have split the Write-N-Cite installers into two versions:

    What is Write -N-Cite?

    Write-N-Cite is a Word Plug-in utility that allows users to run an abbreviated version of RefWorks in their word processor. With Write-N-Cite, you can cite references in a manuscript with the click of a button.



    Past Release Information

    Updates and Improvements


    • References exported from a database or discovery tool are properly imported into RefWorks
    • Users logged into RefWorks are not prompted to login during the exporting process
    • Projects are properly displayed
    • Previously some PDFs became "stuck" during import, this issue is resolved. Now, a PDF will be loaded successfully with text and page rendering capability. 

    • PDFs created from the ProQuest Platform using the Save to the PDF function were not being imported, now they can be imported.

    • Minor tweak to new account creation to enable the privacy consent acceptance before sign-up so a user isn't bothered to consent afterward.

    • To increase the usability of the top Sub-NavBar we updated the icons, color and added labels to each action.
    • We've rearranged the order of fields in the Preview Panel in both preview and edit modes so more commonly used information appears at the top and are easier to scan. This includes Title, Alternate Title, Authors, Abstract, and Tags. Added close icon to eliminate confusion for closing the Preview Panel. Icons have been updated to SVG formats to increase clarity and visibility. And padding was also reduced to allow more content to be visible to the user without being overpowering.
    • Updates have been made to both legacy and RefWorks to ensure that diacritics and special characters display properly on direct export from third-party databases.
    • This is the first of a series of releases around language support
    • The loading “spinner” now doesn’t interrupt the workflow of using the search database feature.
    • A fix was made to “Strict Match” de-duplication for Korean and other languages allowing it properly detect duplicate references.
    • A minor typo was fixed in the Privacy Policy.
    • Minor UI updates were made to legacy RefWorks GDPR acceptance to make it clearer.
    • RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) underwent a significant update to increase the stability and ease of use, this includes recent customer submitted fixes.
    • Translations added to Write-N-Cite (WNC) and RCM
    • Fix to sending feedback under the Preferences section of WNC and RCM.
    • (Releasing Thursday, May 3rd, 2018) We’ve added a much requested new de-duplication method based upon legacy RefWorks, "Legacy" Close Match, is phonetic algorithmic method which works best with English surnames and short titles.
    • Translations provided for Deduplication options
    • (Releasing Friday, May 25th, The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens the rights that individuals have regarding personal data relating to them and seeks to unify data protection laws across Europe, regardless of where that data is processed. You can count on the fact that RefWorks is committed to GDPR compliance across all of the components of RefWorks including legacy RefWorks.
    • Consequently, everyone using RefWorks will be prompted to accept or decline the new privacy policy and terms of service. They will see a one-click acceptance policy:
    • Translations provided for ProQuest’s Privacy Policy, Terms & Cookie Policy
    • Usage Analytics –This new report provides RefWorks Administrators with their institutional usage stats for page views and visits/session. These reports can be displayed in either a Daily and Monthly view.
      • Pageview: A pageview is an instance of a page being loaded (or reloaded) in a browser. Pageviews equals the total number of pages viewed.
      • Session: A session is the period of time a user is active on the site, as a sequence of page views in a user visit to RefWorks.
    • Support Move: In late March, RefWorks was added to the Ex Libris Support Portal and Customer Knowledge Center, bringing together documentation, training, product materials, and knowledge articles all in one location.
    • DOI integration:  With the addition of the "lightning bolt in DOI” users can auto-complete the reference using the Summon database information for a more precise reference for journals.
    • RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM): Based on user feedback, improvements are being made to the RefWorks interface to make the process of loading citations more intuitive, in addition to fixes to the process of loading citations. 
    • Document Compatibility for WNC and RCM: Improvements were made for users upgrading from legacy RefWorks to RefWorks regarding citation formatting. With a new two-click process users will no longer have to reformat citations after moving to RefWorks
    • PDF progress bar – Indicates the status of PDF’s being uploaded into your folders ensure completeness of the information prior to any tags, etc.
    • Systematic review updates - now allows users to view, organize, and manage thousands of citations collaboratively
    • Password Reset Workflow- Resetting passwords are the #1 reason why people contact our support team. With the recent improvements, this process will be much easier. In legacy RefWorks you can now request to reset your password by either entering your email address or username (if you have more than one account). 
    • Google Docs – Fixed bugs which corrupted a user’s document
    • RCM – Fixed a bug that prevented editing the date properly.
    • WNC – Fixed a field coding conflict with Word Title field that prevented references from being inserted.
    • RefWorks and Summon – Fixed an integration issue in which the login to RefWorks link on the Summon header did not resolve the login to RefWorks correctly.
    • Display up to 2,000 references – Prior to the release users could only display up to 200 references. Now users performing Systematic Reviews can now view, organize and manage thousands of citations collaboratively.
    •  Improved Syncing Write-N-Cite to RefWorks – Users of Write-N-Cite now have a faster syncing with RefWorks to quickly create a citation.
    • Progress bar while importing – Prior to this release when you imported a file there was only an indication of “analyzing” which didn’t really provide a way to know what is happening to the file. Now, when importing PDFs or other files you will see a progress bar indicating the status of the import from uploading to extracting full text to completion. The progress bar is also enabled for attachments as well.
    • Password Reset Workflow Improvements – In both legacy and new we’ve revised the login screens to be simpler and more consistent with each other and made it much easier to retrieve a password.
    1. IT version for those who use IT to install it on institutional computers, which has no in-app notifications.
    2. Personal version for those that have administrative rights to their personal computer. Those that have administrative rights will receive in-app notifications of updates. 
    1. Word no longer hangs while Syncing data
    2. The login text box has been fixed so all Shibboleth users can now login to WNC with their credentials
    3. A/B/C Appending is showing for Bibliographies created in RefWorks
    4. The "bibliography only" function works with citations that have been previously added to the document
    5. Database sync fix for RefWorks accounts
    6. A user can now insert a URL in the footnotes
    7. Username is updated on Account Switch
    8. Compose Citation fix for re-ordering citations
    9. When any field is formatted, Write N Cite will format the entire footnote in rich text
    10. Added Custom Output Styles to Write-N-Cite
    11. The intended Japanese and Korean characters are now being added correctly
    12. Write-N-Cite Accessibility Improvements for Screen Readers
    13. Insert Citation Preview Page - Improved scrolling capability
    14. No Reference Selected" text is added on pressing enter key on insert Citation screen 
    1. A/B/C Appending is showing for Bibliographies created in RefWorks
    2. Database sync fix for RefWorks accounts
    3. Fixed truncation of footnotes in Notes Styles
    4. While Editing References, the word Null is not displayed while Overriding Pages in the Preview Citation section
    5. There is now correct spacing between the List Title ("References" "Works Cited") and the first reference when inserting a reference
    6. Added Custom Output Styles to Write-N-Cite
    7. The intended Japanese and Korean characters are now being added
    8. Output style fix for AMA - American Medical Association, 10th Edition 
    • Global Edit (Add Delete, Replace): Global Edit is a simple search-and-replace function that can be applied on multiple references. It is particularly valuable for amending, augmenting, and correcting records that come in from online databases, which may require adjustments. Global Edit users can now update, delete, and replace metadata information.
    • Multiple attachments & Types: RefWorks now allows users to attach multiple attachments (of any file type) to a references. We have updated the thumbnail view for attachments with a new scrollable carousal view that provides a quick preview of attached files. The RefWorks reader natively support viewing of attachments in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF or open Microsoft office formats. Other file types are downloaded for local viewing.
    • Selection/Review decoupling: Before the September release, highlighting a reference always selected it, as well. That meant that for many important functions like deduplication, it was impossible to review your selected references without losing the selection. With Selection/Review decoupling, users can review and select references when using RefWorks features.
    • Full view: Full view displays all populated metadata fields in each record. It is valuable for reviewing complete - reading notes, abstract and scanning for the most promising references. In full View, RefWorks highlights allows you to quickly select, edit and save metadata information.
    • Inspector pane changes: In the past when reviewing references, a third pane would appear on the right called the “inspector pane”. With the September release this pane is now hidden and displays based on whether a reference is highlighted. Also now the footer makes the number of references selectable.
    • Quick Cite improvements: Quick Cite now provides support for numbered bibliography styles, allowing users to reorder their bibliography entries to accurately reflect the sequence of their citations. 
    • RefWorks Citation Manager: (Microsoft Word adding) is now compatible with legacy version RefWorks using 2016 version for Macintosh. The RefWorks Citation Manager is available via the Microsoft Store for Microsoft Word 2016 for both Mac and Windows.
    • Z39.50 Advanced Search: In June we announced the Z39.50 database feature which allows you to search; PubMed, the Library of Congress and hundreds of library catalogs from subscribing RefWorks institutions to find relevant materials. In September we expanded this functionality by adding Advanced Search, Import to folder and performance improvements to Z39.50.
    • Language Selection: A new language drop down option has been added that allows users to switch the interface to nine different languages.
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