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Getting Ready for Rialto Implementation

Welcome to Rialto!

"Rialto is about reimagining how libraries select and acquire content of all types in ways never before possible -- solving longstanding pain points and inefficiencies and putting choice back in the library, all while aligning with ProQuest’s core value of supporting openness.”
Oren Beit-Arie, ProQuest & Ex Libris Chief Strategy Officer

We’re thrilled your library has chosen to adopt ProQuest Rialto as your “one-stop shop” for managing content selection and acquisition workflows in your library. Through robust analytics, recommendations, and a comprehensive marketplace – all integrated with the Alma platform-- we’re confident Rialto will help your library achieve its goals of optimized, simplified, and efficient workflows.


We understand that implementing a new purchasing system can be a daunting prospect. There are wellestablished workflows and finely tuned approvals or DDA plans to consider. You might also be experiencing unique demands that require some flexibility around your library’s project priorities and scope. ProQuest Professional Services and Customer Success has you covered. We are committed to a Customer Centric Approach, meaning we’ll be with you every step of the way, from designing workflows that support your library’s unique needs, to shaping manageable, on-demand implementation cycles, to guiding you through an assessment process that ensures staff have the tools and support they need to place orders on Rialto with confidence.

Rialto Customer Journey

It all starts with the Rialto Customer Journey:
rialto customer jeorney.png

The Rialto Customer Journey puts your library at the center of our implementation process. You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your focal point through the entire journey with Rialto. Your Customer Success Manager will proactively monitor your library’s progress with Rialto, to ensure your library’s business objectives are met, assist with rollout efforts, help you determine when you would like to add a new purchasing model, and coordinate planning for a new Implementation cycle.

During the Getting Ready phase, ProQuest Professional Services and Customer Success will work with your library to prepare you for the upcoming Implementation cycle. We’ll focus on identifying your library’s primary business objectives and stakeholders, confirm target dates, and gather required configuration inputs. The Setup phase (approximately two weeks) is a brief one, designed to allow your library to begin placing orders quickly through the purchasing model(s) in scope for your Implementation cycle. In this Phase, we’ll complete configuration and any relevant staff training. Once ordering begins, we’ll guide you through an Adoption phase (approximately four weeks) designed to assess whether there’s a need for additional configuration adjustments, or staff training, in order to realize the objectives and goals your library set out for the Implementation cycle. A dedicated ProQuest Professional Services team will be with you throughout this approximately eight-week process. Towards the end of the Adoption phase, we will introduce you to our Rialto Technical Support team that will provide continuing assistance with any technical issues that might be encountered when using Rialto in your day-to-day operations.

Rialto-supported Purchasing Models

  • Firm Orders
    • Electronic
    • Print
  • DDA (Demand-Driven Acquisition -- Electronic only)
  • Scheduled Purchasing (E.g., “Approvals,” can be Electronic and/or Print)
  • EBA (Evidence-Based Acquisition -- future)
  • Collections (future)

How ProQuest will Support your Success

Project Management & Consultancy

  • A smooth onboarding process to help your team prepare for the Implementation cycle. Don’t know what to expect? We will make sure that you have everything you need to make it through Setup and Adoption with minimal investment.
  • Assistance prioritizing your Implementation cycle scope and training needs based on our experience with a diverse range of Development Partners and Early Adopters, proven best practices, and a comprehensive understanding of your institution’s unique needs.
  • Proactive and regular assistance in the period following Rialto Launch, ensuring a smooth rollout and adoption of Rialto. The stage following launch is a critical period when Rialto (or a new-to- Rialto purchasing model) is used operationally for the first time. ProQuest Customer Success will be by your side to follow progress and ensure successful adoption.
  • Already an OASIS customer, or anxious about the effort involved in shifting a highly customized DDA or approval plan over to Rialto? ProQuest Customer Success will break down what can be an intimidating process into manageable steps, offer guidance on options and craft a timeline that works for you.

Configuration & Training

  • Out-of-the-box Rialto configurations, including Electronic Collections, Platforms and Import Profiles
  • Shelf-ready services for Print orders, including Cataloging and Processing options
  • Invoice customizations
  • Customized Recommendation Feeds, DDA and Scheduled Purchasing (also known as “approvals”) profile configurations
  • Analytics, including out-of-the-box and custom Rialto reports that will add value to your library from day one, with follow up and in-depth review as part of regular calls with your dedicated ProQuest Project Team
  • Product documentation and on-demand training videos available through the Ex Libris Knowledge Center

Rialto Implementation Timeline

Following the Getting Ready phase of the Rialto Customer Journey, your library will have completed the planning required to begin Rialto Implementation activities in earnest. The Setup phase is deliberately brief (approximately two weeks), as the goal is to enable order placement and fulfillment as quickly as possible. Once your library begins ordering in Rialto, we’ll enter an Adoption phase (approximately four weeks) during which time ordering will be monitored, workflows will be adjusted as needed, and business objectives and workflows will be assessed. Key milestones associated with the Setup and Adoption phases are shown in the following timeline.

Rialto key implementation milestones.png

What Your Library Can Do to Get Ready

  • Form a project team of relevant functional experts and appoint a project manager who serves as the primary contact for the ProQuest Project Team and manages the internal library project team. You’ll want the following subject expertise represented on your project team:
    • Selection and Acquisition workflows, including selection criteria, funds/ledgers, PO management, and invoice payment
    • Cataloging and Metadata workflows, including current practices and normalization rules
    • E-Resources activation and collection/portfolio management
    • Alma configurations, including general system administration and third-party integrations
  • Review the Rialto Implementation Form to provide required configuration inputs and surface questions for your ProQuest Project Team.
  • Discuss about your library’s ideal workflows end-to-end, and ensure staff understand the library’s vision for Rialto.
  • Prepare to test end-to-end purchasing workflows following completed configuration.
  • Determine your library’s immediate, short-term and long-term purchasing priorities to establish the scope of your initial Rialto Implementation cycle.
  • Reach out to your ProQuest Project Team with any questions!
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