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    Add new vendor for SUSHI harvesting in Ustat?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: UStat


    How are new vendors added to SUSHI harvesting in Ustat?


    To add new vendor to the existing list in Ustat:
    1. Contact vendor to receive the following information:
    a. The vendor harvesting URL.
    b. Your library's authentication details for this vendor: A Requestor ID and Customer ID are almost always mandatory.
    2. Submit a Support case requesting to add a new vendor and include this information.
    3. Support will test the connection and harvesting to confirm that the expected standards and formats are met.

    Once testing is complete, the vendor will be added to the list of vendors in Ustat. News about the addition will appear in the periodical email sent to Ustat customers via the product mailing list.

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