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    Summon: Support for RDA Guidelines in MARC21

    • Product: Summon

    What is the current level of support for RDA data in the Summon service?

    Since the new Resource Description and Access (RDA) cataloging standard was adopted in 2013, the Summon service has been incorporating RDA data.
    Prior to the shift to RDA, we made the following changes:
    • We determined that we would evaluate on a case by case basis any client requests to map new RDA fields to Summon fields. 
    • We changed our default MARC field mappings for all clients as outlined below. If your library does not use the RDA guidelines or any of the newer MARC fields, the changes are in place but they do not affect your Summon instance. However, by making these changes for everyone, we ensured that RDA fields would always be used appropriately in Summon, whenever newer RDA MARC records might be added to a local catalog. If you have questions or need to make changes to the mappings below, please open an Ex Libris Support Portal case (link available from the More Sites menu above).
      • Publication data: We added field 264 with second indicators in order to map only Publisher information to this field (not Manufacturer, Distributor, etc.). We believe that by ignoring the first indicator, we usually map the first Publisher, which is sufficient for most records.
        • Publication Place: 260$a, 264--1$a
        • Publisher: 260$b, 264--1$b
          Summon will use the first value found with this order of priority.
        • Publication Date: 260$c, 264--1$c, 264--4$c
          Summon will use the first value found with this order of priority.
    • Genre: We added 380$a, Form of Work, to this mapping.
    • Content Types: Because Summon currently maps each record to only one content type, the new 3xx fields have not figured in our default content type mappings, which continue to use mostly Leader and control-field values. When requested and if appropriate, we can use the new 3xx fields for custom mappings.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 30-Nov-2018
    • Old Article Number: 8858