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    Why do the Client Center and Summon have different content?

    • Product: Summon
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    Why do the Client Center/Intota and Summon have different content?


    There is a difference between what you see in the Client Center/Intota and what is available in the Summon Index: the two products have different databases or indexes that power them. The Client Center/Intota is powered by the KnowledgeBase (KB), which supports title-level holdings for cover-to-cover full-text serials and monographs. Ingestion for the KB lives in a separate database from the Summon Index and has separate requirements; for example, the KB does not require an agreement for ingestion.

    To request new content in the KB, please submit a case in Salesforce using the “New Content Request” or “New Database Request” in the Subject line.


    Summon, on the other hand, is not limited to full-text monographs or serials, and can index at a different level of granularity than the KB. We enter into agreements with providers (such as publishers and aggregators) to index the content.

    There may be several reasons why the KB contains a provider that Summon does not; however despite the availability of the provider in the KB, we need to go through a different process for Summon.

    In order to index new content into the Summon Index, the request needs to be submitted to the Ideas Exchange:

    More information on the Ideas Exchange is available here: Summon: Ideas Exchange Website for Enhancement Requests


    • Article last edited: 30-Nov-2017