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    Summon: Unpaywall Database

    • Product: Summon

    Integrating Unpaywall for Discovery

    Unpaywall is a database of Open Access (OA) content that maintains OA links to full text articles and OA resources. For more information about Unpaywall, see

    The discovery of Unpaywall's OA content requires you to subscribe to its database in the Client Center. This ensures the following:

    • All CDI records with OA links from Unpaywall are marked as OA and appear under the Open Access facet.

    • Indexed Unpaywall links are returned by CDI as regular IEDL links and are prioritized using standard linking logic.

    • Unpaywall links also appear as a "Link to PDF" link in Summon search results when there are no available Quick Links for the full text.

    Unpaywall's content is updated twice a week in CDI.

    To activate Unpaywall content for display in Summon:
    1. Open the Database Management page in the Client Center.

    2. Search for the Unpaywall database.


    3. Select Edit Status to edit the database's status.


    4. Select the Edit field for Unpaywall, select the Subscribed status, and then select Save to apply the change to the database's status.

    5. Select the link for the Unpaywall database name to open the database's details.


    6. Select Edit to allow customization of the database.

    7. Select the Summon checkbox under the Display In field to allow the database's content to appear in Summon.

    8. Select Save.



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