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    Ex Libris Offices' IP Addresses

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Cross-Product


    What are the external IP addresses of all the Ex Libris offices?


    This is a list of the IP addresses for outgoing network traffic from each of the Ex Libris offices (as of 18 May 2015).

    It is recommended that customers open local firewalls to all traffic coming from all of these IPs.

    This is especially important for after-hours support via the 24x7 Hub.


    Office location IP Address
    Adelaide, Australia
    Beijing, China
    Bologna, Italy
    Chicago, USA
    Cologne, Germany
    Fort Collins, USA
    Hamburg, Germany ( New since 26 Nov 2020:
    Jerusalem, Israel
    London (Hackney), UK
    Orly, France
    Seoul, South Korea
    Wolverhampton, UK


    • Article last edited: December, 26th 2019