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    Ulrichsweb: Fields Included in the API Output

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    What fields are included in the Ulrichsweb API output?

    Where present for an individual title, the fields noted below are returned in the Ulrichsweb API output.
    Many of the fields in Ulrichsweb records use controlled vocabulary terms, such as those found in the Ulrichsweb glossary of terms. The Ulrichsweb API technical documentation contains a complete list of the controlled vocabulary used in the API output. You may access the Ulrichsweb API technical documentation for use with a unique API Key.

    XML or JSON/JSONP Output

    Field Name Explanation of Field
    id Unique identifier for the individual serial work (Do not confuse with titleId)
    country Country of publication
    description Text describing what the serial is about
    subject Ulrich's subject classification(s)
    formats Terms denoting the format edition(s) in which the serial is available (e.g., "Online", "Print")
    status Publication status of the serial (e.g., "Active", "Suspended")
    title Title of the serial
    titleId Unique Ulrich's identifier for the individual title (Do not confuse with id)
    ISSN International Standard Serial Number of the format edition
    publisher Commercial publisher of the serial
    startYear Year of first publication
    frequency Frequency of publication (e.g., "Daily")
    languages Language(s) in which the text of the serial is available
    coden Alphanumeric code independently assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service that uniquely identifies a serial, mainly for use on scientific and technical serials
    otherFeatures Additional features of the serial (e.g., "Back issues available")
    serialTypes Term(s) denoting the type of serial (e.g., "Journal", "Bulletin")
    deweyNumbers Dewey Decimal Number(s) for the serial
    lcnumber Library of Classification Number for the serial
    price Publisher-reported list price for the serial
    toc Indicates Tables of Contents for the serial are displayed in Ulrichsweb
    historicTitle Indicates the title is a former title of the serial (i.e., not the current title)
    refereed Refereed/peer-reviewed indicator
    availableOnline Indicates whether the serial is available in an online format
    openAccess Indicates whether the serial is available via Open Access
    openAccessUrl The journal URL if the serial is Open Access
    reviewed Indicates whether the serial has been reviewed or recommended
    contentTypes Term(s) denoting the primary target audience(s) of the serial (e.g., "Trade", "Academic/Scholarly"
    keyFeatures Key features about the serial (e.g., "Journal Citation Reports")
    rss Type, frequency, source, description and URL of RSS feed available for the serial
    rssTypeCode Type of RSS feed (e.g., "Latest issue")
    rssFrequencyCode Frequency of the RSS feed (e.g., "Daily")
    rssSourceDescription Name of the source of the RSS feed (e.g., "Publisher")
    rssUrl URL of the RSS feed
    corporateAuthors Corporate author(s) for the given titleId
    mflReviews Magazines for LibrariesTM Review(s) for the given titleId
    publicationHistory Publication history for the given titleId (e.g., "1961-1968; New Series 1971-1977; New Series 1991 (vol.1, no.51)")
    relatedTitles Identifier, ISSN, name, type, and type code of the Related Title(s) for the given titleId
    titleHistoryDetails Comments, country, sequence number, ISSN, and title of the Historic (former) Titles for a given titleId
    variantTitles Abbreviated, alternate, MEDLINE, and parallel language titles for a given titleId

    Dublin Core (DC XML) Output

    Field Name Explanation of Field
    dc:title Title of the serial
    dc:publisher Commercial publisher of the serial
    dc:subject Ulrich's Subject classification(s)
    dc:language Language(s) in which the text of the serial is available
    dc:format Terms denoting the format editions in which the serial is available (e.g., "Online", "Print")
    dc:type Term(s) denoting the type of serial (e.g., "Journal", "Bulletin")
    dc:description Text describing what the serial is about

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