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    Ulrichsweb: Updating and Maintaining FAQ

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    How is the Ulrichsweb system updated and maintained?

    This document contains answers to common questions about how Ulrichsweb is updated and maintained.
    Who updates the information in Ulrichsweb?
    Our multilingual Ulrich's editorial team works daily to maintain the data in Ulrich's knowledgebase. ProQuest maintains an active outreach program not only to collect serials bibliographic information, but also to educate publishers and providers in the importance of working with us to keep their title information as up-to-date as possible.
    How often is Ulrichsweb updated?
    The Ulrich's editorial team processes incoming data on a daily basis throughout the year. Ulrichsweb users have access to the most current data on an ongoing basis.
    What is the process for collecting and updating Ulrich's data?
    There are two types of Ulrich's data: New data information for publications not yet listed, and Update information on publications already listed. Basic procedures are briefly described below:
    New Data - New data is collected from primary or secondary sources. Primary sources are the publishers, corporate authors, or other entities that are directly involved with the publication. The information from a primary source is generally collected from websites, actual publications, or catalogs in print or online. Secondary sources are individuals or organizations that are not directly involved with the publication but have access to it. These include distributors, A&I services, information service providers, librarians, and the ISSN Register.
    Information for new titles is generally researched and collected from online sources. If the required information to create a complete record cannot be located, a member of the Ulrich's editorial team will contact the publisher or a secondary source through phone or email. New titles can also be submitted to Ulrich's by sources who complete a New Listings form available through the Publisher Outreach Program. Our employee in the Library of Congress also provides new titles for Ulrich's. (Read more about the long-standing relationship between Ulrich's and the Library of Congress's U.S. ISSN Center here.)
    Update Information - Most titles listed in Ulrich's are updated by the Ulrich's editorial team's online research, but some require manual edits on individual records. Additional update information sources include the British Library, Ulrichsweb's Corrections feature, catalogs, EDI and various listservs. Where possible, an alert is set up so that changes from the publisher or other primary source are sent directly to the Ulrich's editorial team.
    If I know of a title that is not listed in Ulrichsweb, can I contact someone at Ulrichsweb to find out if it can be added?
    Yes. If you know of a serial publication that is not already listed in Ulrich's, you can bring that title to the attention of the Ulrich's editorial team by sending an email to In your email, include the name of the publication and any other information that you may know about that publication, such as the name of the publisher or provider who makes it available. An Ulrich's editorial team member will follow up and attempt to get the most recent information about the publication.
    If I find any incorrect information in title details, how do I submit a correction?
    Submit a correction for a title through the Correction link in title details:
    Ulrichsweb Corrections Submission Pop-Up

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