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    Ulrichsweb: Workspace FAQ

    • Product: Ulrichs

    How do I use the Workspace feature of Ulrichsweb?

    The Workspace of the Ulrichsweb service contains four features designed to help your users (librarians and researchers) manage, save, and share their search results.

    Below are some frequently asked questions about the Workspace:

    1. Which Workspace options require a My Ulrich's account?

      Users must log into their My Ulrich's account to create and access Lists and Alerts.

    2. Will Marked Titles be available the next time a user logs in to Ulrichsweb?

      Marked Titles are for use in a single session. To save titles for future use, users must add them to a more permanent List.

    3. Why must users create My Ulrich's accounts in order to use Lists?

      Lists can be saved and referenced at a later date. This functionality is enabled only with a My Ulrich's account. Once signed in to their My Ulrich's account, users will be able to view all of the Lists associated with their institutional subscription to Ulrichsweb.

    4. Must I set up Ulrich's Alerts?

      No. You do not have to set up Ulrich's Alerts, but they are a great way to be automatically notified of changes to Ulrich's.

    5. Will our library's patrons be able to set up their own Ulrich's Alerts?

      Yes. Individual users of Ulrichsweb may sign up for their own Ulrich's Alerts and may modify their Alerts settings at any time.

    6. Can a user unsubscribe from an Ulrich's Alert?

      Yes. If a user is no longer affiliated with your library or no longer wants to receive an Alert, that user may unsubscribe to Ulrich's Alerts by selecting the "unsubscribe" option from an Ulrich's Alerts email. Unsubscribing to Ulrich's Alerts is a permanent action.

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