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    Ulrichsweb: Magazines for Libraries™ Reviews

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    What is Magazines for Libraries™?

    Magazines for Libraries™ is a well-respected and objective source of full-text, title-level reviews about electronic and print serials, e-journal databases, abstracting and indexing sources, Open Access and niche publications, and other periodicals. Since 1969, Magazines for Libraries has been reviewing the best publications for all serials collections—the general reader and school, junior college, college, university, and public libraries. ProQuest publishes an annual print edition of Magazines for Libraries and makes the reviews available online through Ulrichsweb.

    Who writes the Magazines for Libraries reviews?

    Each of the more than 6,000 full-text reviews in Magazines for Libraries is written by a professional librarian with subject expertise. Each review contains a critical assessment of a title’s scope and value. These in-depth evaluations help librarians learn what is relevant and notable for library collections. Titles in more than 200 subject areas and disciplines are covered. Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian at the Widener Library, Harvard University, and e-Reviewer for Library Journal, is the current editor of Magazines for Libraries.

    Are reviews available for journals as well as magazines?

    Yes. In addition to magazines, reviews cover journals, bulletins, trade publications, databases, abstracting and indexing sources, Open Access titles, and other periodicals from small, large, and niche publishers.

    Where are Magazines for Libraries reviews used in Ulrichsweb?

    Reviews from Magazines for Libraries can be found in Ulrichsweb in several ways.

    • On the Search Results page, a star icon appears next to the title in the search results grid if the title has a Magazines for Libraries review. (Click on the top of the column to sort your results by presence of a review.)  You may also narrow your search results to only those titles that have a review by selecting the “Magazines for Libraries review” filter.


    • On the Title Details page, reviews appear in the Reviews section of an Ulrichsweb record if present for the title.

    • You may include Magazines for Libraries reviews in your “Full Record format” Download and Email exports from Ulrichsweb.


    • Date Created: 12-June-2017

    • Last Edited Date: 2-August-2018

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