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    Ulrichsweb: Subject (Keyword), Subject (Exact) and Subject Area

    • Product: Ulrichs

    If Ulrichsweb covers more than 900 subject areas, why are only 17 listed in Advanced Search?

    The Subject (Exact) search provides access to all of the subjects available in Ulrichsweb. The limiter Subject Area is a way to a limit a search by general subject-area only (list of 17).
    In Advanced Search, subjects can be searched by Subject (Keyword) or Subject (Exact). When searching by Subject (Keyword), the term entered is retrieved anywhere it appears in a subject heading:
    Ulrichsweb Advanced Search - Subject Keyword
    For example, a search for "geology" as Subject (Keyword) retrieves titles with "geology" anywhere in the subject field. In this example," geology" is a subheading:
    Ulrichsweb Advanced Search - Results - Geology Subheading
    When searching by Subject (Exact), the search box will start to fill in as it scrolls through the list of subjects. For example, entering a letter will start to scroll through the subjects starting with that letter:
    Ulrichsweb Advanced Search - Auto-Fill-in
    The limiter Subject Area can be used to limit other types of searches. For example, we can do a search for the keyword "biology" with the subject limiter "Government, Law, and Public Administration":
    Ulrichsweb Advanced Search - Keyword and Subject Area Search
    An example of the results would be this title:
    Ulrichsweb Advanced Search - Keyword and Subject Area Search Result

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
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