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    Ex Libris Verde Update to Customers: December Service Pack (SP 431) is Ready

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Verde
    • Product Version: 2

    Dear Verde Customers,

    We are pleased to announce that the Verde December Service Pack (SP 431) is now available.
    The new service pack includes new functionality requested by customers, the ability to push locally created e-products to SFX, as well as other requested corrections and enhancements.

    Service Pack Highlights
    * New functionality to push locally created e-constituents and e-packages to SFX
    The “push local” feature completes the set of major enhancements added to the synchronization mechanism with SFX.
    In SFX, a target + full text target service will be created for a new package. An object portfolio will be created for a new constituent, and an object will be created for a new constituent work expression. A new tab - report of new records - in the sync event log, will give information on new SFX items which were created by the sync process.

    Note: all of the SFX software needed for the Verde sync and push local programs will be included in the official SFX 20071201 revision, due tomorrow December 4th. This revision should be applied on your SFX server. Additionally, in order to allow the sync functionality to work, make sure that the following revision is installed on your server: 20061115

    * New desktop file upload mechanism for the following:
    Library loaders
    Constituent loader
    In addition, the import file name for localization is no longer hard coded (mit.xml).

    * New e-Constituent loader
    The new loader, replacing the existing loader, now allows creation of new constituents and their work expressions in addition to the existing functionality of updating constituents.

    * New Report of IP Ranges by Licensor
    This is a report of IPs that are valid per active license. IP ranges are defined per-library or per-license; “licensed” libraries are listed on the allowed location tab of the license.

    * New Library Loaders
    A new set of library loaders was added, including a library loader, library contacts loader and a library IP ranges loader.

    * The instance duplication bug was fixed.

    Known Issues for the December Service Pack
    The following items were identified during testing of the new features and are planned to be fixed in an upcoming service pack:

    * Push locals:
    SFX does not accept a work expression including “&”.
    SFX does not build a link between records using the 780 and 785 fields (continues and continued by).

    * Loaders:
    Permissions for the library, IP ranges and library contacts loaders will be added in the next SP.
    The related library field currently accepts only instance code values. Entering the instance name will be allowed in the next SP.
    Verde currently accepts only library contacts that belong to institute libraries, not to instances.
    Values with spaces, copied from the UI and pasted to the import file, are rejected. Writing the value manually fixes the problem.
    Verde does not accept as import a .csv file saved as .xls. To override this, copy the content of the .csv file and paste into a new .xls file.

    Updated User Guide
    This update includes the following:
    Rewritten section on Loaders including documentation for the new constituent and library loaders.
    Updated section on SFX Sync including the push local developments.
    New section on the shared consortium model - "working in a shared consortium environment".
    All updates required by the service pack changes

    Instructions for installing the service pack can be found on the Documentation Center in the Ex Libris website.
    We recommend installing the Service Pack before running the December KnowledgeBase update.

    Special thanks are due to the FAK consortium in Berlin for beta testing new features in this service pack and providing their excellent input.

    We hope you will find the improvements helpful in your daily work with Verde. We will continue to make improvements to Verde in cooperation with our customers and look forward to your feedback. Please send your comments to us at

    Best regards,

    Itamar Avni
    Verde Implementation and Support Team Leader
    Ex Libris Ltd.
    Tel: +972-2-649-9256
    Fax: +972-2-679-8634


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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013