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    KB Update procedure on "independent" aggregator constituents

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Verde
    • Product Version: 2

    Currently in Verde, the following rules apply to the deletion of localized e-products:
    1. Localized e-products are not deleted, but are assigned a selection status of "Withdrawn by Publisher". Note: this does not apply for constituents of aggregator packages. A record is local if it has been updated locally or if it has an attribute record.
    2. Constituents of aggregator packages will be deleted even if active.

    The rule for aggregator packages was established in accordance to aggregator rules that e-constituents of aggregator packages get their statuses from the package. Now, when we implemented "Make independent" function, that enables individual selection and activation of e-constituent, the change of KB deletion rule also should be considered. The alternative is that the rule will be changed as follows: localized e-constituents which belong to aggregator will get independent status and will be assigned a selection status of "Withdrawn by Publisher", just like selective packages do.


    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013