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    Creating Curl Requests for Testing Services

    • Product: campusM
    • Operating system: iOS, Android

    Generating Curl Requests

    Curl requests are an effective way to test / troubleshoot services (both externally via HTTPS and locally via HTTP). These requests can be useful in diagnosing and pin-pointing front-end (AEK) vs backend (Web services) issues (e.g. if the Connect layer service not responding with the correct information then the issue mostly likely points at a web service or the backend system that web service is attempting to extract data from). This method can also be used to make requests directly to your backend system to further diagnose issues.

    Example request:

    For making requests to campusM Connect layer services you will need to obtain the basic auth credentials by navigating to the Tomcat directory, then to conf/tomcat_users.xml

    You will find the username and password pair wherein the entry begins:

    ‘<user username="application_'

    First, check the WSDL is accessible through:

    curl “https://<basic_auth_username>:<basic_auth_password>@<Server address>/<war file name>/services/CampusMUniversityService?wsdl

    i.e curl


    Secondarily (if using LDAP), attempt to run the login query:

    Curl https://<basic_auth_username>:<basic_auth_password>@<Server address>/<war file name>/services/CampusMUniversityService/login?username=<username>&password=<password>

    To save responses to file, use the following format:

    curl –o <file name> <url>




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