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    Frequently Asked Questions - transferring Apple and Google account hosted by Ex Libris to your own account

    Frequently Asked Questions regarding the transferral of Apple and Google account hosted by Ex Libris to a customers own account

    Why does Ex Libris need to have access to our developer account?

    This enables Ex Libris to manage the release of your apps to the app store with no involvement from your side, on a regular basis. As we enhance our automated processes as part of our ongoing commitment to a regular release cycle, this access will allow these tools to swiftly submit builds and update store listing based on customer requirements.

    What are the benefits for the customer?

    Providing Ex Libris with this access will enable the team to respond quickly to build requests and is a vital precursor to the move to regular releases. With adequate permissions, Ex Libris will handle all the associated overheads with releasing apps, including provisioning profiles, certificates, app IDs, APIs, and store submissions.

    In addition, if you currently are managed through an Ex Libris Developer account, the move will enable you to respond to customer reviews through the new Apple App Store, and see further app store analytics regarding app downloads and usage.

    What exact permissions are required?

    This varies slightly per platform:

    App Store

    For the iOS Developer Account and iTunes Connect accounts, Ex Libris need ‘Admin’ access to be able to manage app provisioning, certification and submission

    Please note that Ex Libris will only make changes, view content and make submissions for the customer’s campusM apps

    Google Play


    For Google Developer Console account, Ex Libris need the following permissions, either globally or per campusM app:

    • View app information
    • Create and edit draft apps
    • Edit store listings, prices and distribution
    • Manage production releases
    • Manage Alpha and Beta releases
    • Manage Alpha and Beta users

    What if I don’t provide the required access to Ex Libris?

    If the Ex Libris Build Team do not have the required access or permissions to customers Apple and Google accounts, we will be unable to process new build requests or effectively.

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