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    Service Provider (SP) Metadata Exchange for the campusM Preview Environment

    Customers with SSO in place within their live app environment will need to work with Ex Libris to undertake a meta data exchange, to enable trust between the new campusM Preview environment and the customer’s Identity Provider (IDP).


    • Institution must be able to provide Metadata to Ex Libris.
    • Institution must be able to provide at least one working testing login, whereas multiple are preferred.

    Steps to be undertaken

    1. The majority of the work will be done by Ex Libris; however, we require some actions to be taken by the Institution, in order to implement the preview environment with SSO enabled:
    2. Ex Libris will open a Salesforce ticket, assigned to the customer and containing the SAML Service Provider (SP) Metadata to be loaded into the onto their Identity Provider (IDP).
    3. The customer should update the assigned Salesforce ticket to include their IDP Metadata URL and indicate the metadata load has been successfully completed (i.e. they have installed the SP Metadata onto their IDP).
    4. Ex Libris will then set up the trusted network between the campusM Preview environment and the customers IDP. The Salesforce ticket will be updated, ready for the customer to review their Preview environment.
    5. Ex Libris will then continue configuration, update you on when this is done, and notify you when to test this on a development environment and subsequently the live environment once initial testing is concluded.
    6. Customers will be able to confirm that the trust has been established by appending “/all_-_headers” to the preview environment’s hostname in a web browser - E.g.: all_-_headers. If the trust has been established correctly, the browser should redirect to the customers IDP login page.


    • Article last edited: 26-Feb-2018
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