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    Sharing Distribution Certificates

    • Product: campusM
    • Operating system: iOS, Android

    In order for Ex Libris to distribute the iOS app on the Apple Store, the customer is required to reserve one Distribution Certificate for Ex Libris. Apple restricts each Apple Developer account to three Distribution Certificates total. As such, the customer remains with having two certificates with which they may do as they wish and share with whomever needs them.

    Ex Libris will manage the distribution certificate for the app we create for customers, this distribution ticket should not be changed or revoked by customers.

    Warning! Revoking a certificate will disable the ability to create builds, will disable provisioning profiles and thus connected HockeyApp builds, and will block submission for any apps connected to the certificate.


    Additionally, if a certificate is unable to be reserved for Ex Libris, the following process should be used to share with Ex Libris:


    Making a key:

    1. Navigate to the 'Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles' section of the Apple Developer account
    2. Select 'All' from certificates
    3. Left-click the name that appears in the top right, open 'View Account' in a new tab. Copy the email address that appears for the team agent.
    4. Click '+'
    5. Select 'App Store and Ad Hoc', then continue.
    6. When you are asked for a file upload, open Keychain.
    7. Ensure no certificates or keys are currently selected.
    8. On the toolbar, select 'Keychain Access' > 'Certificate Assistant' > 'Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority'
    9. Input the email address you copied, then for common name input the name of the institution.
    10. Save to disk.
    11. Go back to the Developer account, upload the file that was just made.
    12. Continue until you can download the certificate file, download and then open it, verify that is has been added to the keychain.

    Sharing an existing key:

    1. As a prerequisite, a certificate must already exist. If this has been created, the certificate and private key will reside in the keychain of the Apple machine it was created on.
    2. Select the correct keychain on the left panel.
    3. Select ‘My Certificates’.
    4. In the main pane of the UI, select the certificate you wish to share and expand it so that both the certificate and the associated key can be seen, and then select them.
    5. Right click and export.
    6. Name and save the p.12 file.
    7. Input a password of your choice twice.
      • Please Note: This password will need to be shared with the recipient.
    8. Input the current keychain’s password.
    9. Transfer the file to the intended person.
    10. The recipient must then go to their keychain access, and import by going to the Menu bar and selecting File > Import.
    11. The recipient must select the transferred file, and input the passwords defined in the earlier steps, before following any final instructions from the device.


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