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Running Out-of-the-Box Reports

You can run reports whose criteria have been created by Ex Libris.
To run an out-of-the-box report:
  1. Select Catalog. The Catalog page appears:
    Catalog Page
    On the left of the catalog page is the Folders pane. My Folders contains any reports that you created. Shared Folders contains:
    • Reports created by Ex Libris
    • Reports shared between users in your institution
    • Reports shared by other institutions (under Community). Reports are shared across all regions via a weekly sync that is run each Friday. You can copy shared reports to your folders and make local modifications. (Note that if you want to make changes to a shared report you must save it under a different name so that you do not override a report created by someone else.)
  2. Navigate to any folder named Reports under a subject area. Out-of-the-box reports for that subject area appear. For example:
    Fulfillment Reports
  3. Select Open for the report you want to run.
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